Proof that working parents work more than enough.

Do you ever feel that there are not enough hours in a day? That’s one of the many questions that you ask yourself as a working parent. A recent survey has proved that this statement might actually hold some water.

The survey was, in my opinion, a little sexist as it only surveyed working mothers and us poor working fathers were not included. For this posts sake, I am going to consider working parents instead of just working moms. Have a guess how many hours working parents work per week? The answer will astound you. Before I give you the answer you should consider this chart from the OECD on working hours.

The average worker in Mexico(most working hours annually according to OECD) works 2,248 hours per year. The average worker in Germany works only 1368 hours per year. This number is skewed by part time jobs that are common in Germany. The average working parent between employment and family works 5096 per year. That average working parent works 98 hours per week.

When you consider that the top surgeons work 60 hours per week it puts things in perspective. The survey revealed that ” the average working mom clocks a 98-hour work week, with her day typically starting at 6:23 a.m. She doesn’t end up finishing her work or family duties until 8:31 p.m., meaning she works 14 hours per day.”

The study also found that the average working mum(PARENT) only gets one hour and seven minutes of me time per day. I have not done the math, nor do I want to, on how many hours per week a working parent of twins works. If you are a working parent and you say “there are not enough hours in a day”, then you are right. Are working parents working too much? I would say a definitive “Yes”.

Do you feel you work too much? Leave your answers in the comments below.



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