When is a baby considered premature?

If you are expecting, then you will probably ask yourself this question, “When is a baby considered premature?” Our babies were born in a critical condition after 30 weeks and are considered to be premature or preemie. A full pregnancy term is around 40 weeks. Any baby that is born after 37 weeks is also considered full term and not a preemie. Any child that is born after 36 weeks or earlier is considered premature. Babies that are born after 32 weeks should not have any health related issues.

When is a baby considered premature?
When is a baby considered premature?

When is a baby considered premature? 32 Weeks

These days the Neonatal Intensive Care Units are so good that any baby born after 32 weeks will usually be okay. With Premature babies, there can be issues with breathing, the immune system and the child may have learning difficulties later in life. Our babies were born two weeks earlier than the 32-week point. We are in a very lucky position that 8 months later, everything is completely fine and our premature babies are blossoming. There are no signs of any effects from them being born so prematurely. They are slightly behind in terms of size but they are doing well in terms of health.

Preemie Story
Preemie Story – Mathilda was doing a lot better than Max
Our Preemie Story
Our Preemie Story – Max needed a machine to breath

When is a baby considered premature? What to avoid during pregnancy.

Premature births are common if the mother is not looking after herself properly when pregnant. It is important for the mother to be in the best condition physically and mentally to have a full term pregnancy. Pregnant women should avoid stress, strenuous work and eat well. They should also avoid toxins, alcohol, tobacco and drugs to help them reach a full term pregnancy.

When is a baby considered premature? Twin Pregnancy

It is very common for twins to be born prematurely. Our doctors gave us an appointment for the planned birth of our twins on the 37th week. That would have been three weeks earlier than a full term. If they were born on the 37th week as planned then they would not have been considered premature. As destiny would have it, they came 7 weeks earlier than anticipated. When Olivia went into labour, in the 30th week, the doctors were worried how developed their lungs would be. When she arrived in the hospital, they immediately administered cortisone shots to strengthen Max and Mathilda’s lungs.

When is a baby considered premature? Conclusion

If you are having twins be prepared for them to be premature. If you are about to or have just had a premature baby/babies then you then you have to stay strong. The NICU is the best place they can be. The technology and the wonders of modern medicine are amazing. They are in good hands and with a little help and TLC, they will come home happy and healthy. If you look below, hopefully, this picture will give you hope and help you to realise that they will be healthy one day. I hope this answered your question and you now know “When is a baby considered premature?”

When is a baby considered premature?
Happy healthy babies 8 months later

Do you have any questions about preemies? If so then please ask me in the comments below.

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  1. I remember those NICU moments… my youngest son was preemie… I can only imagine how much harder it would be with twins…

  2. My nephew was born preemie and I just remember how tiny he was. I never knew a baby could be born so tiny and so early and grow up into such a thriving teenager!


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