As part of National Infertility Awareness Week, I am hosting a series of guest posts and interviews on the blog. For this post, I interviewed Carol J. Lomas from the Conception Kit at home system to get a better understanding of how the Conception Kit at home system can help couples to conceive. 


The Conception Kit at home system is a great starting point when trying to conceive. It is a prescription medical device that is used in the privacy of your home, over a 3 month period. For some patients, this will be covered by insurance with a simple co-pay at the pharmacy. Average co-pay range is between $25-75 dollars for the co-pay. If not covered the price at the pharmacy will be around $399.  This is a

The Conception Kit at home system is a three-month treatment using cervical cap insemination done in the privacy of home. This treatment can be used during the first 12 months of trying to conceive prior to more invasive tests and procedures. Most patients starting out do not realize that infertility tests and procedures add up quickly and that this three-month treatment can enhance the opportunity to conceive at a fraction of the cost.

The Conception Kit at home system
The Conception Kit at home system

James: Tell me more about the Kit. What makes it better than just plain sex?

Carol(The Conception Kit at home system): I often have patients ask what makes cervical cap insemination better than just plain sex.  The answer is during normal intercourse 90% of all the sperm will not make it to the cervical opening due to the action of intercourse and due to the different PH in the vagina, that frankly kills the sperm (see attached article).  Sperm swim/live in two fluids ejaculate and cervical mucus. Inside the Conception Cap, the sperm are protected and will transfer/swim into the cervical mucus and continue their journey to reach the egg during ovulation.   The patient leaves the cervical cap on for up to 6 hours giving all sperm a “swimming” chance!  I’m attaching a press release and the patient brochure for your review.   And a recent Fox New report was done on the Conception Kit at-home system.

James: Who is the kit for?

Carol(The Conception Kit at home system)Couples who are having trouble getting pregnant.  In most cases, couples will not receive a diagnosis of infertility until they have tried unsuccessfully for one year with no contraception. For many, waiting is a frustrating experience.  The Conception Kit at-home system is a safe, simple and practical first step treatment for couples who wish to overcome common fertility problems during this waiting period.

Couples who have been diagnosed, but do not wish to pursue (or have already tried) invasive clinical procedures and tests.  Many couples choose the Conception Kit as a way to address their fertility issues before committing to invasive and expensive procedures such as Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and InVitro Fertilization (IVF).  When couples are starting out they do not realize that the cost of the tests for infertility can run into several thousand dollars and this is prior to the expensive procedures. On average one Intrauterine Insemination can cost between $800-$1500 depending on where you live.  One InVitro Fertilization procedure can cost on average around $12,000,  plus the patient has to take ovulation stimulation drugs prior to the procedure which can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars depending on the drug and the amount needed.  In comparison the Conception Kit at-home system is a three-month treatment that costs $399 without insurance and a simple copay if the patient is covered.

For some couples, their religious beliefs prohibit them from using IUI and IVF due to disrupting the conjugal act and a third party is involved (physician).  The Conception Kit is a new product category designed to be used by couples as part of the coital act in the privacy of home.  This is why Stephen Napier, Ph.D. of the  National Catholic Bioethics Center – who strongly opposes ART procedures – reviewed the Conception Kit and found it to be  “a morally permissible, even a laudatory, way by which couples may conceive.”  

Couples who have been diagnosed with low Sperm count, low sperm motility or a hostile vaginal environment.  The Conception Kit is a comprehensive three month system that goes beyond ovulation timing by concentrating all available sperm where they need to be at the best time for conception to occur.  Using cervical cap insemination.

Healthy couples who desire greater control over their date of conception or are trying to speed up the process. Military families need to conceive during certain intervals when the couple is together.

Couples who have not achieved pregnancy due to timing issues or delivery issues (single mother of choice).

The Conception Kit at home system
The Conception Kit at home system

James: How effective is it?

Carol(The Conception Kit at home system):  Since the 1950’s, cervical cap insemination has been used by doctors as an effective in-office treatment for infertility with a class effect pregnancy rate of 18%-44%.  The Conception Kit now gives couples access to this method with a home-use medical device.

James: What comes in the kit?

Carol(The Conception Kit at home system):

  1. Step by step instructions, a Journal and timing wheel.
  2. 8 Ovulation Predictors per month (24 total) used to determine the patients LH surge, which is the 36-hour window when conception can occur.
  3. 1 Practice Conception Cap so the patient understands how to place on the cervix prior to using the other Conception Caps with the semen during ovulation.
  4. 1 Conception Cap per month (3 total), 1 Semen Collector (3 total) and 1 Sperm friendly intimate moisturizer/lubricant.  When the results of the ovulation predictor are positive the couple would have intercourse using the semen collector and sperm-friendly intimate moisturizer/lubricant.  Afterwards, they would transfer the semen into the Conception Cap and place the cap over the cervix for 4-6 hours.  The ability to concentrate semen and deliver it to the cervix is very important when you consider that due to various factors, the majority of sperm never make it to the critical point of entry during normal sex however inside the Conception Cap all available sperm cells are delivered to the entry point.
  5. 1 pregnancy test per month (3 total) at the end of the patient’s cycle they would use the Conception Kit pregnancy test to determine if the results are positive and pregnancy has been achieved.
The Conception Kit at home system
The Conception Kit at home system

I would like to thanks Carol for the time for this interview. The Conception Kit at home system seems to be a cost effective way for couples to increase their chances of having a family. While it is not a cure for infertility it can help a lot of couples that are struggling to get pregnant. From what I can see there are no downsides to the kit and it helps a lot of people that can’t afford treatment or find assisted reproductive treatment morally wrong.

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