A recent meta analysis of 185 studies in which semen was collected showed that sperm concentration has drastically declined. This alarming study has fertility specialists worried about the future of our species. This why we need to talk about infertility.

It’s Time To Talk About Infertility

The last 100 years of industrialisation has led to a standard of life that was unthinkable to our ancestors. Our life expectancy has almost doubled in just over a century. In 1916, in the US, the life expectancy was 39.6 years versus 78.6 years in 2016.

The decrease in wars, remarkable developments in vaccinations and access to an abundance of food and clean water has made our lives a lot easier. The fight for survival is non-existent and there are arguments for us needing less sperm for the continuation of our race.

The Fertility Crisis Is Real

The fertility crisis is compounded by dangerous environmental factors, obesity and couples deciding to have families later in life. All of these issues are real and need to be talked about.

When we think of fertility, most people assume that the issue lies with the woman. Unfortunately, it is not just women that are struggling with infertility. 50% of infertility cases are due to a male factor.

Its Hard For Men To Admit Weakness

Men are not known for their openness in discussing mental or physical health. Anything that shows weakness is hard for men to talk about. We don’t deal with shame well. Men need to be brave and talk about infertility and talk about it early. In school, we learn about sexuality and sexual health but we do not talk about infertility.

The Younger Generations Need To Know About Infertility Too

Fertility needs to be at the forefront of sexual education. When we learn about sex we need to learn about the risks that affect our fertility. The fertility crisis can be averted but we need to take action.

Teenagers need to learn the risks that may stop them having a family. I was educated about my fertility when it was too late. It took a sperm test at 33 years old to find out that I had issues with my sperm motility and morphology.

Motility and Morphology were not part of my vernacular until a fertility specialist told me that I was infertile. Maybe it was hereditary but maybe I could have changed my lifestyle earlier. I would have rather learned about the causes of infertility earlier, maybe I could have avoided three tortuous rounds of IVF.

Men need to stand up, be brave and talk openly about a health issue that threatens the future of our species. Male infertility awareness is increasing but the subject is still taboo.

Don’t Leave It Until It’s Too Late

If you want to have a family then read up on the factors that affect fertility. Don’t leave it too late like I did. Eat well, stay healthy, don’t drink too much, don’t smoke and wear protection when you are having sex. These are just some tips that could help you to have a family.

Final Thoughts

Man up and see a specialist early and don’t be ashamed to talk about your infertility. This takes a lot of courage but it could be the difference between having a family or not. If your test results are not good then don’t be too hard on yourself. Fertility is not your fault. Modern medicine can work miracles and there is a chance that you will one day have children of your own.

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