Super Dad’s Gues Post Series- Father’s Day 2017


Fathers Day is on the 25th of May, in mainland Europe, and on the 18th of June in Ireland, the UK, and the US. Starting from the 25th of May, I will be posting regular posts from guest bloggers about why you, your dad, uncle, grandad, husband or stepdad is a Super Dad.  

The idea came to me when my wife told me that Ashton Kutcher was known as a Super Dad. I asked, “Why?”. My wife answered, “because he changes nappies and feeds his baby in public”.

So many Dad’s do this and much, much more, but get no air time. I would love to hear your story or stories about why someone you know is a Super Dad. I have a great story about how my father gave up his Saturday afternoon, to drive a six-hour round trip, and bring festival tickets to me, his teenage son.

The goal of the Super Dads campaign is to get as much exposure as possible for you through social media and back links. Ideally, the stories that you share will be funny and heartfelt celebrations of Fatherhood. All that I ask of you is to share the story through your social media channels and let as many people as possible know about the Super Dad campaign. Let me know if you are interested.


James Doherty AKA Scantily Dad


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