The changes that I made to have successful IVF treatment.

This is the first in a series of posts about the changes I made for successful IVF treatment. My wife and I went through three IVF treatments. The reason was my fertility. Our first two IVF treatments failed miserably. Our two failed IVF treatments were the most painful things we have ever experienced. The heartache and the pain are constant throughout the treatment. This series of posts will hopefully help you to have successful IVF.

Our first two IVF procedures were filled with mistakes that you can learn from. With each treatment, I changed a lot about myself, my relationship and my health. In this series of blog posts, I will write about the changes that I made. These tips do not a guarantee successful IVF treatment. The aim is to help people to learn from my experiences.

Below is a list of the changes that I made before our successful IVF treatment. I will be releasing further posts in detail on each bullet point.

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol consumption
  • Diet
  • Exercise –
  • Weight Loss
  • Clinic
  • Acupuncture
  • Supplements
  • Operations
  • Meditation
  • Being there and working on my relationship

Substance abuse:

Smoking and infertility
Stop Smoking for successful IVF TreatmentSmoking


Substances like alcohol and tobacco are both known to have a negative impact on sperm quality. Unfortunately, for many years I drank excessively and smoked like a chimney. Giving up cigarettes was the first thing that I did on my road to successful IVF treatment. Smoking could have been the root of my problem. It was the first question that we were asked when we found out the negative results from our fertility tests.

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Alcohol and fertility
Too much alcohol can affect fertility


Drinking like a fish every weekend is an innate trait that is built into most Irish men. This has a double impact on fertility. Firstly, it can affect sperm quality and it also causes men to become overweight. Both are factors that decrease the chance of having healthy reproductive organs.

Make sure to get fit and lower your percentage of body fat.


When it came to the body, I got much fitter and focused on my nutrition. Fitness was an important part of my life before infertility but it became a major focus after my diagnosis. I started running half marathons, swimming, going to the gym more regularly and just generally getting fitter. I lost about 8 kilos which around 17 pounds. Being overweight can have a big influence on fertility. I used fitness and the right nutrition to get my body in peak physical condition to have successful IVF treatment.

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Fertility Meditation
Mindfulness can help fertility


The next thing that I changed was my mindset. I got my mind in the right place by meditating and reading for at least an hour every day. Both of these practices have become part of daily life and are some of the positive impacts that infertility had on my life. Mindfulness and positivity are often scowled upon by people with closed minds. The benefits have been scientifically proven and I for one am an advocator for their positive effects.

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Homeopathy and fertility
Homeopathy and fertility

Homoeopathy, Herbs & Chemicals

The other main changes that I made were around supplements and therapies. The list of supplements both natural and chemical that I consumed over the last two years is long. I will go into it in much more detail in later posts. With regards to therapy, I tried fertility massages and acupuncture. I am not sure which if any of these worked, but we tried a lot of different things and had a successful IVF treatment.

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Successful IVF treatment
I hope that IVF works for you


To conclude, this is just an introduction into a series of posts about infertility and the changes that I made to my life to have a successful IVF treatment. It is so hard to pinpoint what worked and what didn’t. I just want to share my story with people and help them to achieve pregnancy through IVF in less time than us. I believe that each IVF treatment is a learning curve. Your doctor will learn a lot about you after each failed treatment and adjust for the next try. Getting pregnant on the first try is unlikely and you have to be patient. I wish you luck.

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Did you try anything different to improve your chances of successful IVF treatment?


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