My wife Olivia is amazing and finds the best products online. This was never truer than her first purchase for our twins, the Solly Baby Wrap. This Solly Baby Wrap review will help you to decide if this is the right wrap for you. When we left the hospital, we took our twins home in the Solly Baby Wrap, so it owns a sentimental place in my heart. For the first 4 months of their lives, it was the most used product that we owned. If you follow me or my wife on Instagram you will see the wrap gets a lot of use. Keep reading to find out the 6 reasons why you should buy the Solly Baby Wrap. For more reviews then please subscribe to my newsletter above.


1.It’s Perfect for Preemies – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Perfect For Preemies - Solly Baby Wrap Review
Perfect For Preemies – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Our babies were born 10 weeks premature and spent the first 6 weeks of their lives in a neonatal unit, here in Berlin. When we took them home from the hospital they were still a month premature, but thankfully in good health. We put them in the wrap as we packed up to leave the hospital and they were immediately at ease. The heat, body contact and smell from being so close to their parents created a bond that replicated the womb. Warning- for very small babies you should pay extra attention that their airways remain clear and they can breathe properly.

2.Your baby gets up close and personal with you – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Up Close and Personal - Perfect For Preemies - Solly Baby Wrap Review
Up Close and Personal – Perfect For Preemies – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Our son Max was wild from the beginning and had a really tough start in life. The premature birth and a few early complications meant that he missed the vital bonding that normally comes straight after birth. Instead of being with his parents he was in an incubator and cried out for affection. For his first few months the trauma of the early birth haunted him and he could not be on his own. The Solly Baby Wrap was the best solution, and meant we could have him as close as physically possible. When left alone he would cry, but when he had body contact he would be content. The Solly Baby Wrap meant that Olivia and I could go about our daily lives while Max lapped up the heat and closeness that the Solly Baby wrap brought. We could have two hands free and still be bonding with our son.

3.Winter Proof your baby – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Solly Baby Wrap Review
Winterproof Your Baby – Solly Baby Wrap Review

The Berlin Winter can be biting and temperatures can reach -20 degrees celsius. I took my first month of parental leave in January, the most uninviting and harsh of months in northern Germany. Cold baltic winds blow in from the East bringing snowstorms and subfreezing temperatures that can cut you to the bone if you are not well wrapped up. While I would rather stay inside the comfort of our Hygge apartment when the Winter is in full swing, on occasion errands need to be run, and the elements must be braved. Babies doctors appointments and numerous visits to Germany’s infamous bureaucratic establishments meant leaving the confinement of our comfort zone. It was too cold to put the babies in the Kinderwagen so the Solly Baby Wrap was the perfect solution. Dressed in thermal Winter suits, wrapped in the wrap, and zipped up tight in our warm jackets, they were ready for the outside World.

3. Perfect for Attachment Babies – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Attachment Baby -Solly Baby Wrap Review
Attachment Baby -Solly Baby Wrap Review

Our daughter Mathilda loved the comfort of the wrap but did not crave it as badly as Max. Max is what is known as an attachment baby, a baby that is not happy unless he is snuggled as close to his parents as is humanly possible. For impatient parents that lack empathy, the screams of such children cause annoyance, for us, he had been through so much that we were willing to always keep him close and satisfy his need for security and affection. The Solly Baby Wrap makes it easier for attachment babies to be attached to their parents. Once in the wrap, he never screamed. Now, 6 months old the daily wrap therapy has resulted in him being able to sit happily on his own without being attached to his parents. Max being on his own seemed like a distant dream at the start. I thank the Solly Baby Wrap for helping my son to become independent.

4. You can do other things while bonding – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Solly Baby Wrap Review
Solly Baby Wrap Review – Twin Stylin!

I started blogging during my first month of parental leave. Initially, I could not leave Max alone for a second without him screaming the house down. This made writing impossible. The Solly Baby Wrap meant that I could pick up him up and slot him in, with his head on my heart. The result was instant, a relaxed and usually sleeping baby, leaving me  in peace and quiet with my hands-free to write. This was also true for going for walks, reading and housework. The design of the wrap meant that I could have two arms completely free while my son was securely wrapped around my torso, leaving me with the dexterity to wash clothes, hoover or empty the dishwasher. All of these tasks could be completed while bonding wisaidy son. Who siad that men cannot multitask?

5. The Solly Baby Wrap oozes Comfort, Practicality & Style – Solly Baby Wrap Review

Super Stylish -Solly Baby Wrap Review
Super Stylish -Solly Baby Wrap Review

The Solly Baby Wrap offers comfort, practicality and style. The first two, comfort and practicality are how I like to live nearly aspect of my life. I fall down on the third, style, but my wife makes up for that for both of us. She is the style queen and as a result so are the twins. The Solly Baby wraps is abundant in all three. When the babies are small enough the wrap is extremely comfortable. The only downfall that I have found is that it becomes less true as they get heavier. It is very practical, easy to use, and fits in your pocket. Available in many different designs, it is stylish, and must for any mother, or father, that is interested in looking good.

6. It’s easy to use. Here’s How to use the Wrap – Solly Baby Wrap Review

You have to watch the videos below before you can use the wrap. Once you have watched it once, maybe twice, you will understand how to safely carry your baby. Do not try to do it without watching the videos first. There are two types of wrap that I know about. First is the newborn wrap. It can be used from birth and up to two or three months. The second is the classic carry which is from 2-3 months and up to 25lbs or 11.3 KG. To be honest, for us, as the babies got to about 4 months it became less comfortable to carry. That is why we upgraded to the Manduca Baby Carrier  I will be reviewing this soon. For More information Click Here for more information on the Manduca Baby Carrier black (new style).  


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Use
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable for newborns
  • Replicates the Womb
  • Stylish
  • Practical
  • Washes easily
  • Great for attachment babies
  • Winter resistant


  • Gets a little uncomfortable as your child gets heavier


Family Day Out - Solly Baby Wrap Review
Family Day Out – Solly Baby Wrap Review

As you can see from the pros and cons list above, there are not many bad things to say about the Solly Baby Wrap. There are far more positive aspects than negative that describe this great product. It is easy to use, convenient and comfortable for your baby. If you are looking for a wrap to replicate the womb and give your baby comfort then this is the perfect baby wrap for you.

There are many other baby wraps available, but the Solly Baby Wrap is the only one that I have tried. For more information Click Here.

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