Smoking Affects Fertility

Smoking was a major part of my life for a long time. My wife Olivia and I knew that we had to give them up if we wanted to have successful IVF treatment. We knew that smoking affects fertility negatively so we had no choice but to give up. Despite giving up two and half years ago, cigarette cravings still creep up on me at least once per week and I have given up 2 and half years ago. Occasionally, I miss cigarettes but they are potentially the reason for my infertility and two failed IVF treatments.

European Urology analysed 5,000 men in 2016 and delved deep into how smoking affects fertility and sperm health. It is probably obvious that the study found smoking negatively impacted the healthy sperm. The motility, morphology sperm count were all affected adversely. Smoking also reduces the chances of IVF success rates and increases the chance of miscarriages. Olivia once said that she could never give up smoking. Once she discovered that smoking had a negative impact on the IVF success rate we both gave up. Having a reason to give up makes quitting a lot easier.

Smoking Affects Fertility
Smoking affects fertility. Give up Smoking for successful IVF.

Not only does smoking affect fertility but it is highly addictive. It is also highly enjoyable for a lot of people and very difficult to give up. Having tried to give up smoking about thirty times I know how hard it is. If you are serious about having children, and you want successful IVF treatment, and you smoke cigarettes then you should stop. This was one of the hardest things that came with having successful IVF treatment. IVF is hard enough and giving up cigarettes makes it even harder. You have to be really committed to the cause for the treatment to work.

Giving up cigarettes is a lifelong battle that you will fight for the rest of your life. Yes, the cravings get less and less frequent as time goes by, but the temptation will always be there. I gave up in September 2014 and have fallen off the waggon a handful of times while drunk. I always regret it, but I know in my heart of hearts that I will never be a smoker again. Giving up cigarettes combined with IVF was tough. You have to fight many battles to win the war against IVF treatment. If you smoke then giving up is one of the hardest battles that you will have to fight. Olivia and I wanted children so bad that we were willing to go through the trauma and withdrawals that

Olivia and I wanted children so bad that we were willing to go through the trauma and withdrawals that go hand in hand with giving up smoking. The reward was our twins, Max and Mathilda. Was it worth it? Yes, 100%. I kicked the cancer sticks and my dreams came true. I do not know if giving up cigarettes was the thing that I changed that helped us to have successful IVF treatment. This I will never know. What I do know is that it increased my chances and ultimately it worked out fo us. If you want successful IVF treatment then you have to stop smoking.

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