One of the reasons that I started writing about male infertility is to bring awareness to the subject. Fertility rates in the Western World are decreasing at an alarming rate and men need to take charge of their sexual health. We bottle up our feelings and find it hard to talk about physical or mental health issues. Ignoring problems will not help them to go away. If you want a family then you should see a fertility specialist.

The 5 Male Infertility- Don't Wait Too Long To See A Fertility Specialist Of People You Meet at a Fertility Centre
Don’t Wait Too Long To See A Fertility Specialist

When You Should You See A Fertility Specialist

If you want to have a family at any stage in your life then go see fertility specialist. Men need to understand that infertility is not just a “women’s issue”. 1/8 couples suffer with infertility and it is 50/50 men and women. If you have been having regular sex and trying to conceive for over a year then you are considered infertile.

“1/8 couples suffer with infertility and it is 50/50 men and women.”

Why Are Women More Aware of Infertility than men?

Women take charge of their health much more than men do. When it comes to fertility check ups it is usually the women that takes the initiative. They are the ones with the foresight and understanding of family planning. Women are naturally broody and often long for a family more than men. Dreaming of a family is compounded by the social pressure that comes from family and the media.

Women cannot turn on the TV, open social media or read a magazine without being bombarded by images of happy families, family planning or discussions about sexual health. This is adds to the pressure that women feel to have a family.

Through the same medium that women read about families and family planning they also learn about infertility. You cannot open a women’s magazine or website without hearing about couples that are trying to conceive. Infertility is still a touchy subject but it has been normalised by the mainstream media. Women are naturally better about talking about their problems. They will openly discuss infertility and take the lead on getting fertility treatment.

Many Men Are Obvious To Infertility

Men, on the other hand, do not feel this social pressure and the ticking of their biological clock. Many men in relationships are indifferent to having children. We think that we can have kids whenever. We ignorantly think that we just need to have sex and our partner will fall pregnant.

I was brought up in a culture that believes that women can immaculately conceive. Irish people are known for three things drinking, emigrating and multiplying like rabbits when reach the new promised land. Two of my grandparents had 13 siblings. Never in my wildest nightmares did I think I would be infertile.

Men need to realise that they too have a biological clock and as we get older and our testosterone levels start to deplete. This coupled with modern environmental factors like pollution, stress and pesticides has led to a crisis when it comes to the quality of sperm.

“Men need to realise that They too have a biological clock”

Don’t Wait To See A Fertility Specialist

If you are trying to conceive then don’t wait to see a specialist. It is better to do it sooner rather than later. Don’t make the same mistake I did and wait so long to get checked out.  Thankfully, despite waiting so long, the wonders of modern medicine have brought me a beautiful family.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be embarrassed to go to a fertility clinic. It may be the first step on your path to having children. Hold your head high, remember that it is not your fault and unashamedly take charge of your fertility.

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