After dealing with infertility and struggling through three IVF treatments, I thought it would be plain sailing after Olivia got pregnant. Oh boy, was I wrong! After 30 weeks Olivia’s water suddenly broke and our, unnamed at the time, twins were going to join us 2 and a half months earlier than expected. In pregnancy terms, that’s an eternity.

Dealing with premature babies was a real eye opener and it was the reason that I started this blog. As Max lay in intensive care with a collapsed Lung, I knew that my life needed to change. We had been through such hard times and things were getting harder. I wanted to share our story and create a life that meant I could be with my children whenever they needed me. The goal of the blog is to create a passive stream of income independent of location and time. This way, I can do the most important thing in the World, spend time with my family and be there whenever they need me.

Premature baby
Premature baby – Mathilda at 5 days

There are so many lessons that I have learned while visiting the hospital and watching my children on life support machines. This is the first post in a series of premature baby posts that I will be writing over the coming months. Below is a list of posts that you will see in the premature baby series:

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  10. 7 reasons that you may have premature twins.
  11. When premature babies come home
  12. My preemies 6 months later
  13. Where to get premature baby clothes
  14. The best premature baby charities.

Having a premature baby is hard. It is one of the hardest things that you may ever deal with. I can give you two bits of advice, they would be; have faith in the NICU and you and your partner should stick together. The Doctors, nurses, and technology in the hospitals are amazing and sticking with your partner during these tough times will make your life easier.

Are you currently coping with having a premature baby? If there is anything else that you would like me to write about concerning preemies then let me know in the comments below.

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