Having a premature baby born at 30 weeks is extremely scary. Thankfully, the wonders of modern medicine mean that even baby’s that are born so early have a very high rate of survival. Our premature babies were born at 30 weeks and are now almost 9 months old and they are thriving. I learned a lot during our time in NICU. Here are 13 tips to help you with having a premature baby born at 30 weeks.

1.Beleive in the NICU staff – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks

The staff that work in NICU are amazing and should be singled out for special praise. They are underpaid, overworked and very helpful. The doctors and the nurses in the NICU spend their days saving children’s lives. With the modern technology and well-trained staff, you have to have faith in the doctors and the NICU. This will help you to cope with the challenging times.

2.It’s okay to be worried – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

It is normal to be worried and crying is part of having a baby in NICU. It is better to let it all out than bottle it up. You are under enough pressure as it is without trying to hold back your emotions.

3.Create a schedule – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

To spend as much time as possible in the hospital you will have to create a schedule. My wife and I would leave for the hospital at about 11 am every day. We would then stay there until 9 pm every evening. The babies were fed and changed every three hours. We always tried to be there for four feeding and changing sessions.

4.Look after yourself – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

It is stressful coping with your babies being in NICU. To avoid you getting sick make sure you eat healthily, sleep well and get some exercise. Prepare our meals in advance, walk regularly and go to bed early each night.

5.Keep a journal – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

Write down a daily journal to see the progress of your baby. Believe it or not the time flies and it is amazing how fast they progress. Having it documented will give you a way to look back on the tough times in the future.

6.Take lots of photos and videos – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

It is important to document your time in the hospital. Looking back on the photos and videos of NICU is a good way to put things in perspective when you are having a bad day.

7.Be as involved as possible – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

Being in the hospital each day is important. Change nappies and feed your babies as often as possible. This will help you bond with your child and learn how to look after them when they get out

8.Befriend the nurses/doctors – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

The staff at the NICU are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. Do your best to become friends with them. Try your best to enjoy the experience together. Don’t forget that you are helping your child through some of the most formative times of their lives.

9.Celebrate each milestone – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

As your baby gets better every day, you should celebrate each and every milestone. The first nappy change, the first bottle, when the breathing mask is removed etc. Celebrating each victory will help you to notice the progress your baby is making.

10.Take as much help as you can – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

Whenever anyone offers you help, you should take it. This can be from friends, family or the hospital staff. It is important to take as much of the load off as possible. You have enough on your plate and every little helps.

11.Don’t worry about anything else – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

Make your babies your number one focus. We all have worries in life but nothing compares to the health of your children. Forget about your other worries and make your children your priority.

12.Kangaroo, Kangaroo, Kangaroo – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

Kangaroo care is really the best thing about NICU. Kangaroo care is skin to skin contact with your baby. The list of benefits for Kangaroo care for both the parents and the baby is endless. Click here to learn more about kangaroo care.

13.Read to your baby – Tips for Premature baby born at 30 weeks.

Reading to your baby while in NICU is a great way to bond with them. Even at such a young age, hearing somebody reading will help with the development of their language skills. Use this time to connect with your child and give them a head start in language learning.

Having a child in NICU is not easy. There is so much worry, stress and uncertainty. Following these tips should help you through what could be the most challenging time of your life.

Did I leave anything out? I would love to hear from you in the comments below.


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