This goes out to all the pregnant mothers and father’s to be out there. If you are pregnant then you will need to be ready for you children to come early. The chances are not as high for single births but for multiples you best be ready. My twins came very unexpectedly in the 30th week. This was was a real shock and it was made more stressful by our lack of preparation. Make sure you have the baby essentials ready.

Here are 4 things that I would recommend you have ready from the sixth month help you avoid stress:

1Baby Essentials

There are so many things that a baby needs. It is not until you write it down that you really understand just how big this list actually is. There are strollers, beds, car seats, and many other items that you will need. It is best to have the essentials ready in good time. Especially if you are having twins. This will make your life a lot easier. Here is my list of the newborn baby must haves from 0-6 months.

2Clothes – Baby essentials

Clothes are another essential that you will need to have ready for your new baby. We live in Berlin and were lucky enough to have found some very good flea markets that for babies clothes. Here we found some great deals on really nice clothes. Babies grow fast, and they do not get much wear out of the clothes that you buy for them. People will give you a lot of gifts of clothes but that is after the birth. Make sure that you have enough bodies, onesies, sleep sacksbaby pajamas and warm clothes for Winter. This will mean that you at least have the essentials and do not need to leave the house for the first couple of days after your baby comes home.




3Nursery – Baby essentials

The nursery is the thing that takes the most manual labour. When the future mother is pregnant it is difficult for her to paint and build her dream kids room. This is when the man should step and paint and decorate the baby’s room. This project should start around the sixth month of pregnancy. That way, if the baby arrives a little early you will have a place for him or her to sleep.

4Names – Baby essentials

If you do not know whether you are having a boy or girl, then you will need to pick two names. One for a son and one for a daughter. You do not have to have something finalised but you should have an idea. When the baby is born the doctors and nurses in the hospital will ask you their name and write it on the chart over their bed. It is better to have a name ready to make it easier for the hospital staff and yourself.

You will soon learn that preparation is key with babies. This can start when the baby is in the womb. The more prepared you are the less stress you have in the case of a premature birth. We had none of the above ready when our twins came ten weeks too early. I hope that this will help you and your baby to have an easier start to life.


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