The time has come for you to bring your preemie home. They are ready to give up their hospital bed to the next round of preemies that need it more. When your baby leaves the hospital they will also need to give up their hospital outfit. It’s now time for them to own their first clothes. This is where it gets tricky, it is hard to find clothes small enough to fit preemies. Trust me, I know, our twins were born at 30 weeks and left the hospital at 36 weeks.

I have put together a list of shops that sell preemie clothes online. When you have a preemie baby then you are usually pressed for time. Finding the best preemie clothes that can be is important. For this reason, Amazon Prime makes the most sense as it is so quick to get Preemie Clothes delivered on time. For some people, because of location, Amazon Prime is not an option. Some parents would also rather shop at smaller companies. This list comprises of smaller retailers that sell preemie clothes.

Bringing your premature baby home
Finding nice preemie clothes is important for your babies homecoming.

Here are the best places for you to buy preemie clothes online:

Beibamboo is a great place for you and you family to get NICU and Preemie Clothes


Beibamboo was founded in Finland by Nina Ignatius after her daughter was born prematurely in 2007. That life-changing event led her to design a range of cloths were both easy on baby’s delicate skin that grows with the baby.  What Nina and her team have done is nothing short of amazing.

They have created preemie clothes are seam and toxin-free and gentle on your babies skin. The special NICU range has designs that are open fully, this means there is no need to remove and re-attach cannulas and wires. All of their clothes are washable on 60’C, a hygiene requirement for any baby, but especially those in the NICU as they do have a weaker immune system.

Preemie Clothes
The Baby Grows look great on babies!

The organic range of baby clothes are timeless, seasonless and gender neutral. If you are looking for a range of preemie baby clothes then you will not be disappointed. The lovely people have also give Scantily Dad readers a 15% discount with the code scantilydad15

“Your baby’s most developed sense, second only to smell, is touch.” – Beibamboo


My favourite preemie clothes on their site:

The seamless and soft baby pod is perfect to keep your baby snug.

2The Preemie Store

Founded way back in 1983. The Preemie Store was the by-product of how difficult it once was to find clothes to fit a 31 Week old preemie. It began with hand-sewn products at Abbott Northwestern and Minneapolis Children’s Hospitals. It has now blossomed into a complete collection of over 3,000 different types of preemie Clothes.

My favourite preemie clothes on their site:

The twins are twice the fun Body. I am obviously biased because I have twins.–fits-3-6-lbs_p_12809.html

3Baby Prem

Baby Prem began selling clothes for Preemies in 2008. If you are looking for Baby Bedding, Fun Clothing for children up to 2 years and Specialist Premature Baby Clothing, then this is the place to find it. They have specially designed clothes for babies in the NICU. These preemie clothes are easy to access which makes it easy to open and close when your baby is attached to many wires in the incubator.

My favorite preemie clothes on their site:

The I love my NICU Nurse hats. NICU nurses have a special place in my heart for the work that they did saving my premature twins lives.

4Teddy & Me Early Baby

Also found in 2008, Teddy & Me is a must for any parent of a premature baby looking to buy preemie clothes. If you are based in the UK or Europe and are looking to dress your preemie nicely then check out Teddy & me. They offer one of the largest ranges of preemie clothes in Europe. Teddy and me specialize in Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU), High Dependency (HDU) and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) preemie clothes.

My favorite preemie clothes on their site:

When you have a preemie you will soon realise how hard it is to dress them as they are so delicate. It gets easier with time but to make your changing time as seamless as possible then you need a romper. Here is my favourite:

5Perfectly Preemie

Cressie Baerg founded Perfectly Preemie in 1993. She did not actually have a preemie herself but a lady at her church did and could not find anywhere to be preemie clothes. She had sewn her whole life and decided to start making preemie clothes herself. The operation has outgrown her ability to manufacture everything herself. She now has a team based in the USA that manufacture preemie clothes for her.

My favorite preemie clothes on their site

If I had known about this outfit I would have bought it for my daughter when she was a preemie.

Where to get the best preemie Clothes

6Early Birds

Established in 2002 Early Birds is a great resource for all things preemie. The company was founded by Lynda Day after her son was born 10 weeks early, weighing in at only 1.2 Kgs. Lynda struggled to find clothes to fit her tin preemie and decided to develop a range of preemie clothes. She spent a year researching and developing the Earlybirds collection. She consulted NICU nurses, parents and pediatricians and with their help designed a range that ensures maximum comfort and ease of dressing.

My favorite preemie clothes on their site:

When you bring your preemie home, you will need a sleeping slack for them to sleep in at night. Here is a great sleeping sack from Early Birds:

I hope that this list was helpful and will give you a better overview of where you can get the best preemie clothes. After you get your baby home you will have to start looking into the next essentials that you will need. Here is a list of the 47 essentials that you will need for the first 6 months. If there is anything that I left out then please let me know and I can l add it to the list.

If there is anything that I left out then please let me know and I can l add it to the list.

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