If you are having a baby then I would recommend having a pre packed hospital bag ready from the sixth month on. This is especially true if you are having twins. With multiple births, the chances of having a premature baby are much higher. Being prepared for the eventuality of preemies will make the whole situation much less stressful. Having a pre packed hospital bag will also make your life a lot easier.

I will tell you a brief version of the story about our premature babies entering the world a little earlier than expected. This will help you understand why you need to have a pre packed hospital bag ready to go.

On a Sunday night, about seven months into Olivia’s pregnancy, she woke to a wet bed. It was ten weeks before the babies were due. It was about 3 AM and I can remember the moment vividly. We were totally exhausted and having been through several minor complications during pregnancy already we didn’t panic. Naively, we check doctor Google to see what it could be. The search results returned an answer that put us both at ease.

The leaking of fluid is common with multiples. With our questions answered, we went back to sleep. We woke up the next day and Olivia felt fine. She decided that she would go to the hospital alone and get checked out. I offered to come but she didn’t see the reason for me to be there. It wasn’t as if her water had broke.

She got the bus to the hospital and the doctors told her water had in fact broke. She could have had the baby on the bus. She called me in a panicked state, she had to stay in the hospital until the babies were born. I left work and headed straight for the maternity ward. When I got there Olivia gave me a list of things to put in a bag bring up to the hospital. There was also a shopping list of items that she needed for the hospital.

The lessons we learned that night will hopefully help you and your family. If you sense that your water may have broken then go to the hospital immediately. Have a pre packed hospital bag ready to go. This will make the stressful situation much easier to deal with.

For more information on preemies check out the rest of the preemie series. https://scantilydad.com/premature-baby-series/


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