The Phillips Avent Babyphone is one of those products that seems like a nice to have before you buy it. Then you buy it and realise that is one of the most important weapons in your parenting arsenal. The Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor SCD580/01 is a multi-faceted baby monitoring gadget that is easy to use and gives you the peace of mind that your baby is safe.

When it came to buying a monitoring device for our babies we were torn between a baby monitor and baby phone. In the end, we went for the baby phone and we were not disappointed. From day one we used the baby phone to monitor our babies and we still use it every day, even one year later. There are so many reasons for you to buy this Babyphone and I will go into them in greater detail in this post.

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW

The Phillips Avent Babyphone Pros and Cons

Phillips Avent Babyphone Pros & Cons

Technical Specs & Features of the Phillips Avent Babyphone

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW


  • Operating time on battery hour(s) – 18 hour(s)
  • Power Supply 120 V (US) 220–240
  • Charging time 10  hour(s)

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature range °C = 10 – 40 °C
  • Storage temperature range = 10-40  °C

Logistic data

F-box dimensions (W x H x D) – 220 x 156 x 94  mm


  • DECT Technology – Yes
  • Energy-saving Smart ECO mode – Yes
  • Linked and in range indication – Yes
  • Sound activation lights – 5 LED lights
  • Comforting night light – Yes
  • Talkback function – Yes
  • Soothing lullabies – Yes
  • LCD Screen Yes
  • Temperature/Humidity sensor – Yes
  • Charging station – Yes
  • Peaceful night mode and vibration alert – Yes
  • Starry night light projector – Yes
  • Indoor range up to – 50 m
  • Outdoor range up to – 330 metres


12 Reasons To Buy the Phillips Avent Babyphone

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW

1.The Phillips Avent Babyphone is Easy to Use

The Phillips Avent Dect Baby monitor is one of those baby products that you can use straight out of the box. There are a few features that you may need to read the manual for but overall it’s simplicity is one of its defining factors. There are not too many buttons which is great for the technophobes among us.

2.The Phillips Avent Babyphone is Easy to Find

When you have baby’s then you now that misplacing things is the norm. Where are my keys? Where’s the remote control? Where’s the baby phone? Luckily, with the Phillips Avent Baby Monitor when you lose the phone you will be able to find it in a matter of minutes by using the locate button. It sends out a signal and the handset beeps quite loudly.

3.The Phillips Avent Babyphone Looks Good

In typical Dutch fashion, it is elegantly designed. Both the handset and dock look great with their rounded edges and soft colours. Not only will your baby be safe but the dock in their room and handset in your hand(or around your neck) will look good.

4.The Phillips Avent Babyphone Plays Tunes

One of my favourite things about the Phillips Avent Babyphone is the fact that it plays nursery rhymes for your baby. Its soft sounds are a great way to put your baby to sleep. The volume can be adjusted for you to play music as part of your nightly sleeping ritual for your baby.

5.The Phillips Avent Babyphone Turns Your Roof into a Light Installation

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW

Another great feature of the Phillips Avent Baby Phone is the fact that it can turn your baby’s room into a multicoloured wonderland. The base has a projector that displays various shapes and colours on your babies roof. I use this feature combined with the nursery rhymes as part of our nightly sleeping ritual.

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW

6.The Phillips Avent Babyphone has a Talk Back Action

The Phillips Avent SCD580/01 DECT is not just a one-way device on which you can hear every peep your baby makes. It has a two-way walkie talky system. If you hear that your baby is crying and you are far away and your hands are full of laundry you can reassure them that you will be there soon. It is also good for doing funny impressions while your partner is in the baby’s room and you are in the kitchen.

7.The Phillips Avent Babyphone has a Long Distance Connection

We live in an apartment but it is as big as a small house. We have lots of space and it takes time to get from the kitchen to the babies room. It is too far away to hear their coos or cries. Thankfully, the Phillips Baby phone has a long distance connection. These means we can monitor our twins safely from our kitchen without having to worry.

8.The Phillips Avent Babyphone is Very Sensitive

The Phillips Avent baby monitor is one of the best devices that you can buy for keeping your baby safe. The microphone is super sensitive and picks up every noise that your baby makes. This can be very reassuring especially when your baby is very young. There is a constant worry about SIDS and hearing your baby breathing over the monitor will help you sleep easier at night.

9.The Phillips Avent Babyphone is Extra Safe

With children, and especially babies, safety comes first. You are willing to put your baby’s life in the hands of this product. The technology and safety features are so good that you can rest assured that your baby is in safe hands. The sensitivity to sound is great. As are the safety features. If the battery goes dead, the dock is disconnected or you are out of range then you will get an instant alert. This feature will help you rest better.

10.The Phillips Avent Babyphone has Sound Level Lights

Another great feature of the Phillips Avent baby phone is the fact that it warns you through more senses than one. The speaker will relay the sounds your baby makes as well as any warning signals. The sound level lights will give visual notifications to different levels depending on how loud your baby is. If your baby is moving or breathing heavily the lights will flash to level one. When your baby is screaming the lights will flash to the top level. If for whatever reason you could not hear the phone then you would be warned by lights as back up to the speaker.

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW

11.The Phillips Avent Babyphone Monitors the Temperature & Humidity

Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW
Phillips Avent Babyphone REVIEW

A baby’s nursery should be around 18 degrees at night time. That is the ideal temperature for your baby to sleep. The Phillips Avent Baby phones base has a thermometer built in. The phone has a display in which you can check both the temperature and humidity of your babies room. This will help you to create the perfect temperature for your baby to sleep in.

12.The Phillips Avent Babyphone has an LCD Screen that’s Easy to Use at Night

The Phillips Avent baby phone is easy to use it at night. Firstly, you will see the LCD screen light up should your baby make noise. The big buttons combined with the easy to see screen makes using it when you are half asleep in the middle of the night much easier.

Scantily Dad Verdict on the Phillips Avent Babyphone

The Phillips Avent Baby phone is an essential piece of kit for any parent. There are many different babyphones on the market but I would definitely go for the Phillips AVENT SCD580/01 baby monitor. The lullabies and the projector are what sealed the deal for me. As you can see from the pros and cons above there a lot more good things to say than bad. Your baby is in safe hands with this babyphone and I would recommend you buy it.

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