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Hello writer,

Welcome to Scantily Dad Crew! We are a parenting blog that accepts guest posts. This is a secret society for the best parenting writers on the planet. If you have come this far then you are above average and the World needs to hear your story. Storytelling is in an ancient art form and the most valuable form of human expression. The days of scribbling paintings on the walls of caves have led to thousands of years of storytelling evolution which have culminated in the most advanced blog on the planet, the Scantily Dad Blog.

This blog is a place where the most gifted parents are given a platform to tell their own story and share it with the World. Space is limited to 8 members posts per month. To be selected and join this coveted list you must first read the Scantily Dad Code of Honour.

parenting blog guest posts
parenting blog guest posts

The Scantily Dad Crew Code of Honour 2017

Parenting blog guest posts

1. A Scantily Dad Crew member’s honour is to be trusted. Write with honesty. Do not fill your posts full of fluff. If you have to be controversial then so be it. Strong opinions are welcome. Racism, sexism and discrimination are a total no no.
2. A Scantily Dad Crew member is loyal to his fellow members. He must stick to them through thick and thin against anyone that takes their name in vein. He will share their posts and social media, retweet their tweets and do everything in his/her power to help his/her fellow crew members grow through collaboration.
3. A Scantily Dad Crew member writes posts that are helpful to others. Everything that you write should in some way be useful or helpful to others. Write things that will help people save time, money, sleep better, work less, look better, cope with a difficult situation, inform people or just help in some way. Narcissism and writing about yourself are useless unless your story evokes strong emotion. If the story is your own then it has to be funny as shit or bring a tear to the eye. Lists work very well
4. A Scantily Dad Crew Member is a friend to all bloggers. If a blogger meets another blogger, even though a stranger to him, he must speak to him, and help him in any way that he can, either to carry out the duty he is then doing, or by sharing his/her blog, commenting on his/her posts and following/commenting on all social media channels. A member must never be a SNOB. A snob is one who looks down upon another because he has fewer followers, lower domain authority or poorer trust flow. A member accepts the other member as he finds him, no matter how early he is in his blogging journey.
5. A Scantily Dad Crew Member is courteous: That is, he/she is polite to all—but especially to other members of the Scantily Dad Crew.
6. A Scantily Dad Crew Member will engage in the community. He/she is committed to engaging as much as possible in the community. Comment, like and share others posts regularly.
7. A Scantily Dad Crew Member will collaborate with others – Twice per year you will be asked collaborate with other crew members. This can be on blog posts, videos, challenges, twitter chats or anything creative that you can think of.
8. A Scantily Dad Crew Member will wear the Scantily Dad Crew badge with Pride As a member of the Scantily Dad crew you will post the membership logo on your home page and use it to help grow the community.
9. A Scantily Dad Crew Member is consistent. A Scantily Dad crew member will commit to writing for the blog at least once per quarter.


If you are happy to abide by the code then feel free to submit a post. The best posts will be meticulously selected by a team of editors. The lucky posters that make the grade will have their work published. If the post does well then there is a chance for you to become a member and write for us regularly.

Topics that are well received here at Scantily Dad Towers

We write about parenting, infertility and preemies.

What kind of Parenting Blog Guest Posts do well?

Everything that we publish must be Informative, Funny and or Heartfelt

We Love Parenting Blog Guest Posts that are:

1. Inspiring, funny or emotional personal stories

2. Useful Lists – EG. 11 ways to save time with newborn twins

3. How to videos or posts – EG. How to potty train your toddler in one week.

4. Travel Hacks.

5. Tips and tricks that you have used to help you through a situation-parenting, preemies, infertility.

6. Reading lists for parents or kids

7. How to stay fit as a parent

parenting blog guest posts
Parenting blog guest posts

Content Guidelines:

  1. All posts must be original and not published elsewhere.
  2. Posts must be over 1,000 words and preferably longer.
  3. All grammar and spell checks must be done before submitting -write, read, edit, read aloud, edit, read, post.
  4. All images must be completely royalty free
  5. All links that are not linked to your personal blog will be no follow
  6. No sponsored posts will be published.
  7. All articles published must be published through your social media channels with the scantily dad tags.


Please email all submissions to the editor in chief james.doherty@scantilydad.com with the following details:

Subject: Scantily Dad Crew Member

Proposed Headline: Make it snappy, look through newspaper sites for ideas.

Your Outstanding post: 500-1000 words

Your Name:

Your Bio: – 3-5 sentences with social media handles.

Your Website:

Due to the high number of submissions we receive, you will hear from us within one week if we are able to run your post. If you do not hear from us within that time frame, please feel free to submit elsewhere.


Scantily Dad Crew