You may have heard a lot of talk recently that nuts can improve sperm quality. If you are going through infertility and IVF treatment then you will do anything that you can to improve your chances of your wife conceiving. When we went through IVF I made many changes to my lifestyle and nutrition to increase the chances of us having a family.

The rate that sperm quality is declining is alarming and there are many environmental influencers that are contributing to the decline. Studies have show that the rate of decline in industrialised countries is due to to “pollution, smoking, and trends toward a western-style diet.”

Nuts Can Improve Sperm Quality
The Western Diet Could Be Adding To The Increase In Infertility. Try Adding Nuts To Improve Your Sperm Quality

I have issues with with both the motility and morphology of my sperm. To address these issues I changed my eating habits to a mostly plant based organic diet that was rich in nutrients and healthy fats. To improve the quality of my sperm I ate a lot of fish and unsalted nuts.

Nuts Can Improve Sperm Quality

A recent study from the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology has shown that a diet rich in nuts can improve sperm count and motility. Eating nuts can increase male fertility by reducing sperm DNA fragmentation.

Nuts Can Improve Sperm Quality
Walnuts. One Of the Best Nuts That Can Improve Sperm Quality

After my infertility diagnosis I started to take numerous supplements that would help to influence the motility of my sperm. These included vitamin C,Vitamin E, seleniumand zinc. Initially, I took individual supplements and then I started to take Orthomol Fertil Plus. It was much more convenient for me to take Orthomol Fertil Plus as the supplements came in convenient packages with the various capsules/tablets inside.

Along with Orthomol Fertil Plus, I started eating a lot of nuts. Before our final round of IVF I ate walnuts, almonds, brazil nuts and sunflower seeds. When possible, I would buy organic nuts to avoid putting further chemicals and pollutants into my body.

It is hard to say if adding nuts was the reason that our final round of IVF was a success.  There were many changes that I made to help my wife get pregnant and eating nuts every day was regular part of my diet. Reading this study has confirmed that eating nuts can help to improve your sperm quality.

Nuts Can Improve Sperm Quality
Adding Various Nuts To Your Diet Can Improve Sperm Quality

If you are going through infertility and you really want to have a family then you will need to make a lot of changes to your lifestyle. One of the best ways of improving your sperm quality is by improving your diet. Science has now proven that nuts can play a vital role in helping you to have a family. Go nuts! Do everything in your power to have the family that you always dreamed of.

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