The New Dad Survival Guide

If you’re an expecting father, getting ready for the arrival of a new family member is a daunting, yet exciting, experience. Unfortunately, learning how to be a dad, a good dad at that, is not something which is taught, it’s learned through experience. We’re here today to help you along, as we know that this can be a trying time for new fathers.

Let us take you through our 10 tips for new dads with the new dad survival guide:

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 1 – Mistakes Happen

As with every new thing in life, your first attempt won’t be perfect, nor your second, third or fourth try. Mistakes happen, learn from them and move on. Having a child is a big adjustment and learning from your mistakes is one the most important things to learn.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 2 – Travelling with Babies

  • New Dad Survival Guide
    New Dad Survival Guide – Travelling with baby

While the opinion is that travelling with babies is often seen as one of the toughest things to do, it is actually an easier feat to pull off when they are younger. As they grow older they develop more autonomy and a sense of exploration, which is hard to contain in the small spaces of a plane. Think of having a newborn as good timing for a well-deserved holiday while travelling is still a relative ease.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 3 – Cordless Vacuums Are Great

Babies are prone to messing and spilling, no matter how baby proof their Tupperware or food containers claim to be. More often than not, whatever gets spilt is either liquid or soft food, making the cleaning up process quite a mission. Having a cordless, handheld vacuum is great for quick, easy clean-ups thanks to their versatility and ease-of-use.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 4 – Microwaves are Meant for Making Food

The arrival of a new baby means sleepless nights and a general state of tiredness. You’ll have those days where cooking just does not appeal to you and leaving the house does not sound like an option. Store some microwaveable meals in the freezer for those nights, you’re going to need a break every now and again.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 5 – Be the Adult

As a father of a new-born kid, the requirement is for you to grow up and grow up fast. This means leaving behind the childish habits of your past and adjusting to the process of caring for a small, precious human. Often they can cause frustrations in your life as you accommodate their lives in your life. But, kids will come to represent an endless source of joy in your life once you have become accustomed to your lives, intertwined.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 6  – Come to Love Babysitters

New Dad Survival Guide
New Dad survival guide would not be complete without babysitters

While children are an endless source of joy in you and your partners’ life, you do also need to spend time together, and alone. These moments of solitude will become greatly appreciated as you share so much of your daily life giving yourself to your child. Friends and family will be jumping at the chance to spend time with your newborn, don’t turn them down. Let them come over for a few hours while you and your partner go out for an appointment. Focusing on your personal life is highly important in the process of becoming a new father.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 7 – Baby Clothes Are Expensive

Looking around the web or stores, you’ll come across many options with dressing your baby. It will astound you how many designer boutiques have opened up catering for babies. But, this is a growing phase where your child will grow out of clothes on a near-monthly basis. Getting second-hand clothes is not only better in the long run but can then also be gifted forward to other expecting parents.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 8 – Build Other Parts of Your Life

Having a child is often a strain on other parts of a parent’s life as they have to adjust life schedules to the daily demands of a kid. However, this does mean that other parts of a life can falter. Learn to live a full, loving life and expand on other aspects of your life. As your kids grow up, they see you building yourself as a better all-around being by making time for interesting pursuits and the building of relationships.

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 9 – Wet Wipes Are Wonderful

New Dad Survival Guide
New Dad Survival Guide – Nappy Changing a must for all new dads

Babies and their messes are notorious, learning to love wet wipes will come quickly. Their cleaning ability in sticky situations means they are perfect for baby messes in whatever form. Stock up on loads of wet wipes, their uses extend far beyond what you think, you’ll thank us!

New Dad Survival Guide Tip 10 – You’re A Father!

It takes two to tango, and you’re one-half of the tango required to make another human life. That’s something exciting which you should cherish. Your roles as a father are numerous, from sport and outdoor activities for toddlers, to being an emotional crutch in times of need. Be involved in your children’s lives and be the best dad you can be!

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