Morning Routine for Kids

Getting children up in the morning without arguments and confusion is an issue.  It happens in every household it has always been an issue for every family.  There are many ways to avoid the morning confrontations. All of them would involve setting up routine rules that need to be strictly followed. Usually, the problem arises from the child’s lack of sleep and the solution can start from there.

It takes some patience on the parent’s side to make mornings easier. Such would start early on the child’s preschool or kindergarten years. Slowly train your child on routine rules, making sure such rules are not forced on them. Otherwise, the relationship can get frustrating which could eventually lead to anger.

Often times, parents will regret the outburst and later, may even feel guilty. Always be positive, be kind and be gentle. Such build-ups would speed things up. Remember that happy moments will build better rapport. This will lead to better security, and this, in turn, will lead to a better desire to work together. Take a look at these helpful tips:

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 1 – Make sure your child is getting the right amount of sleep

Morning Routine for Kids
Morning Routine for Kids – Make sure that your child is getting the right amount of sleep

Never overstate your child’s sleeping time as the lack of it will cause unwanted behaviours. Implement a regimented schedule of sleeping hours. Explain to your child why this he/she should follow them. Children should get enough sleep and how much will depend on their age.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 2 – Use light to ease your child into waking up

Morning Routine for Kids
Morning Routine for Kids – Use light to wake your child up!

Light is an important factor in easing up the child’s waking moment. See to it that you provide light sometime before the scheduled waking time. The presence of light is a natural wake up call for the body. Fifteen to thirty minutes before wake-up time, open up the blinds and/or the curtains. The natural light will certainly ease them out of their sleep.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 3 – Prepare everything you and your child needs the night before

To avoid the confusion that may follow upon waking time, prepare what your child would need early in the morning. Do this before you go to bed. Prepared items like purses, school bags, books, and more are appropriately described as “grab and go” items. No more looking for items during the last minute if you’ve planned ahead.

But how do you know what your child needs? Talking to your child will solve that problem. You can prepare homework, assigned school items, required forms with a little effort. Preparing everything for the next day will also give your child confidence.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 4 – Wake up long before your child

The parents are also integral in the setting up the routine rules as they will be the ones implementing it. Of course, you will always wake up first before your child. You should be up fifteen to thirty minutes before wake-up time.

If you are a heavy sleeper, set an alarm. Setting the rules will eventually make for successful morning routines. It would help if you can make a morning ritual that could start the day off before your child wakes up.  

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 5 – Create a morning routine that is easy to follow.

Set these important points for your child when creating a morning routine:

  • Be up on time. The time could depend upon your child’s school time schedule.
  • Get dressed.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Eat breakfast.
  • Prepare for school.

Constantly repeating the routine will train your child. Your child will gradually learn what he/she needs to do in the morning.

If the child does well with the routine, an incentive should be in the works. Remember a reward is always an inspiration to do well. Give the child a special treat or an appreciative pat on the back.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 6- Mornings should be gadget-free!

Morning Routine for Kids
Morning Routine for Kids – Make your morning gadget free!

Do not overindulge your child in activities that will ruin your routine. Never turn on the TV in the morning as this will serve as a distraction to their daily routine.

Doing so will be setting yourself up for failure as the child will tend to stop his routine to watch the TV set. Don’t tolerate games and cell phones either as these too, are distractions to the rules.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 7 – Use the “when and then” method

The “when and then” method is an effective way to make your child stick to the rules. First find a morning routine that your child loves to do in the morning, like breakfast, for instance. Then make that item contingent with other morning routines.

You can tell your child: “After you get dressed, brush your teeth, and make your bed, then we can have a yummy breakfast”. Loving breakfast, your child has no other option but to do the routine chores at hand. Although you can call it “sneaky”, it will work without causing any harm.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 8 – Don’t assign too many chores in the morning

Getting ready for school is already a tedious job by itself. What with the brushing, the washing, the dressing up and more. Don’t burden your child with more chores in the morning. You should clean up after your child leaves. Any other chores, your child could do after school.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 9 – Make “fun” part of your mornings

Morning Routine for Kids
Morning Routine for Kids – Make fun part of your morning.

When asking your child to do the routine each morning, try mixing the rules up with some elements of fun. No child wants to be under a dictator. Innovate the routine into some sort of game like walking, outdoor sports, ride on toys activities…These will make your child more obedient and willing.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 10 – Try your best to stay calm

Never show signs of being hysterical or frantic. Do not rush your routine as this will make your child slow down on his routine and perhaps resist in doing them. Don’t hesitate to ask your child for some help if things time is running out.

Act like them, be a child, someone they can relate to. Explain your need for assistance and give them the chore that they themselves need to take care of. Helping mommy will certainly make them feel good.

Morning Routine for Kids Tip 11 – Keep weekends stress-free and special

Weekends are for family. It is away from school. It is away from the office. As much as possible, stay away from the rigours of the weekday routine. Reward your child with a special breakfast.

Then perhaps some family TV shows to make up for its absence on the weekdays. But do not stray too much from the routine. Make sure that your child still gets the required sleep. On the weekend, relax with your child and have fun!

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