The Manduca V Ergobaby are the cream of the crop when it comes to baby carriers. If you are reading this then you are undecided about which carrier is better for you and your baby.

The Manduca is designed with typical high-end German engineering and the Ergobaby is a typically high-quality American baby product.

To be honest there is not much difference in these two baby carriers. They are both comfortable and elegantly designed and come big price tag. This is a short review that details my experience of using both products for over a year. They are both amazing products and you will not be disappointed with either. This Manduca V Ergobaby comparison will help you find out which baby carrier is for you.

Pro’s and Cons – Manduca V Ergobaby

Manduca Pros and Cons

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Pros and Cons


Manduca Pros and Cons
Manduca Pros and Cons

Ergobaby Pros and Cons

Manduca V Ergobaby Comparison
Ergobaby Pros and Cons


Ergo Baby Pros & Cons
Ergo Baby Pros & Cons

Ergobaby V Manduca Features

Manduca Features

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Carrier Features
  • All materials are 100% organic cotton
  • Comes in an array of colours
  • Produced in the EU
  • It won the 2016 German design award
  • It can be used in multiple positions – chest, hip and back.
  • It has its own special back extension
  • It has an ergonomic hip belt
  • It can be used by shot or tall parents
  • It can be used from 3.5 KG  – 20KG
  • It can be hand washed at 30 degrees
  • Holds baby in natural M position

Ergobaby 360 Omni Features

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Review
Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Features
  • Useable from week 1-36 months
  • Crossable straps give a personalised git
  • Ergonomic forward facing position
  • It’s adjustable for newborns and toddlers
  • Extra back comfort with lumbar support
  • Has a detachable pouch
  • Weight 7-45lbs
  • Machine washable
  • Mothers can breastfeed while carrying their baby
  • Has a sun hood
  • Holds baby in natural M position

Manduca V ErgoBaby Comparision

Scantily Dad Verdict

It was a really tough call but there could only be one winner. The winner is the Ergobaby. I used both carriers with my twins from the third month and it is hard to say a bad word about either product.Both carriers are very sturdy and offer great support for both you and your baby. They are both very comfortable and easy to take on and off.

The Manduca carrier is an elegant piece of German design and is made from 100% organic material. Normally this would have sealed the deal for me as I try to use organic products for my children.

The Ergobaby is not made from 100% organic material but it is slightly easier to clip on and off than the Manduca. This makes all the difference when you are getting your baby ready to leave the house.

The straps on the Ergobaby are also slightly more padded and therefore a little more comfortable than the Manduca.

Baby carriers are perfect for going shopping. Your hands are free and it makes the whole experience much easier. With the Ergobaby you have a small pouch to store your wallet which is very convenient.

The Ergobaby is also machine washable. Any baby product that is washable gets a bonus point in my book.

Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Review
Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier Wins

To conclude, the Manduca baby carrier is an amazing product but is just pipped at the finish line by the slightly more comfortable and practical Ergobaby. There is not much in it really. I would give the Ergoabby 95/100 and the Manduca 90/100. The Ergobaby wins but not by much.


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