I just had to write a Manduca Baby carrier review. It is one of the best products that my wife and I bought for our twins. There are not many bad words to say about this baby carrier. Our twins are 11 months old and we have got great use out of it especially when travelling. If you are in the market for a baby carrier then I would recommend that you buy the Manduca. You will not be disappointed. It is so good that it made my list of the newborn baby must-haves.

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Our twins were born prematurely and we took them home in a Solly Baby Wrap. The Solly baby is a great carrier for when your baby is small and light. As your baby grows it becomes harder to carry them in a wrap without padding. We(my wife) did our(her) research and we(she) discovered the Manduca Baby Carrier. After reading reviews on line we(she) decided to buy the Manduca over the other wraps in the market. This in hindsight was a great move.

In the 8 months that we have the had the Manduca baby carrier, we have used it a lot. It is comfortable for both you and your baby and it is super practical. It frees up your hands to do whatever you need to do. My son Max is a velcro baby. He just loves close contact and being attached to his mum and dad. The Manduca baby carrier is a perfect solution for a baby that wants to be close.

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Pros & Cons – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Pros and Cons – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

As you can see from the Pros and Cons list above I struggled to find a flaw with this wonderful piece of German engineering. I have a list of superlatives that is the length of my arm to write about the Manduca Baby Carrier. The Cons part was not so easy. I was clutching at straws to find a problem. The only minor flaw, on the model that I have anyway, is that there is no pouch/pocket for storage.

Technical Specs – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Features – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

11 Reasons you and your baby will love it – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Mums and Dads can both use it – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Carrier Review

In today modern society, the roles of dads and moms have changed. It is now normal for a mother to work in a high powered career and for a dad to help out more with raising the children. In my parents time, and in some countries today, it is strange for a man to push a stroller or carry a baby on his chest. That has changed in a lot of places and now it’s normal to see a man carrying a baby. The Manduca Baby Carriers works perfectly for these modern dads and mums. The adjustable straps mean that mum and dad can share duties and easily swap carrying their baby in under 30 seconds.

Easy to use and can be used solo – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Initially, when we got the Manduca, I found it confusing but this confusion was short lived. Once you learn how the Manduca baby carrier works you can easily put it on and take it off without the help of your partner. The Manduca slides over your shoulders and has cross straps at the back that can be adjusted on your own. This makes solo trips to buy groceries an much easier experience.

Contact – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

One of my favourite things about the Manduca Baby Carrier is the close contact with your baby. Your baby will love the closeness with his or her mum or dad. It is a great way to create an unbreakable bond with your child. Your baby should be instantly calmer when they can feel, touch and smell their parents.

Comfort For You- Manduca Baby Carrier Review

In typical German fashion, the Manduca baby carrier is very well engineered. The carrier is very comfortable and makes carrying your baby easy. The thick straps are padded and distribute weight evenly. The Straps are also adjustable making it easy to find the perfect fit. This makes holding your baby close a pleasant experience for both you and your baby. The straps are also breathable which makes carrying your baby for longer periods less sweaty.

Looks Good – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

As well as comfort and top-notch design the Manduca also looks very good. It comes in a plethora of colours and each has their own charm. They also have limited edition designs.  We have two Manduca Baby Carriers. One for each twin. We have the limited edition pearl grey Manduca which in my opinion looks the nicest.

It’s your Baby Hands-Free Kit – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Another great thing about the Manduca baby carrier, or any baby carrier, for that matter, is the fact that you have two hands free. This will make your life so much easier. You can get so much more done when your hands are free and you’re holding your baby at the same time. You can use this hands-free time to vacuum, do laundry or go grocery shopping.

Great for travelling – Manduca Baby Carrier Review.

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Carrier Review – It is great for travelling

The Manduca Baby Carrier is a travelling companion that you cannot live without. Getting through airports with your hands-free is a much easier experience. Our babies are under a year old and we have flown with them three times. Each and every time we have to fly we used the Manduca baby carriers.

It has 3 Carrying options – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

Manduca Baby Carrier Review
Manduca Baby Carrier Review

The Manduca Baby Carrier is versatile. It has three options for you to carry your baby. You can carry your baby on your stomach, on your back or on your hip. This feature is one thing that makes the Manduca stand out from the rest. As your baby grows and gets heavier you can change the carrying position. To be honest, so far, we have only used the stomach but I am sure we will use the back and hip as our babies grow.

For baby and child – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

The Manduca Baby Carrier has a longer lifespan than a lot of baby carriers. Initially, It can be used by your baby when they are a newborn. There is an upper seat flap inside that holds your newborn higher. Then, when your baby is old enough you hold your baby without the newborn seat until they are 4 years old or 20 kg.

Comfort for your child – Manduca Baby Carrier Review

One of the reasons that your child will love the Manduca baby carrier is it is so comfortable for them. It has an adjustable head and neck rest which holds your baby’s head in place. The lining is made of soft cotton which is soft to touch.  The ergonomic design promotes proper sitting for your baby. Once they are in this little cocoon they may not want to leave

Scantily Dad Verdict

The Manduca Baby Carrier is a must-have for both you and your baby. It is hard to find a fault with the Manduca baby carrier. The carrier looks good, is comfortable for you and your baby and is reasonably priced. It is one baby product that you can use for many years and will not be disappointed. If you have a baby then you should buy the Manduca baby Carrier.



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