Kangaroo Care NICU, Why your baby will benefit!

Kangaroo Care, kangarooing, or skin to skin care has numerous benefits for both babies and parents. The benefits are not just for pre-term babies, full term babies can also benefit from kangarooing. When your baby lies in the NICU there is no better way to improve their chances of developing than kangaroo care.

Kangaroo care gives both mothers and fathers a chance to bond with their baby. The health benefits of this holistic approach for your baby are endless are massive. Kangarooing has been scientifically proven to have a profound impact on the survival and long term health of your baby.

Here are 9 benefits of kangaroo care for your NICU baby:

1Kangaroo Care NICU, It regulates temperature, respiration rate, heart rate, and oxygen saturation.

A Recent Study found that Kangaroo Care showed measured improvement in all three of these vital physiological parameters. If you have been in the NICU and seen very premature babies you will notice that they are attached to many machines monitoring the baby’s health. The machines are monitoring temperature, respiration rate, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

2Kangaroo Care NICU promotes bonding with dad.

Kangarooing is the most enjoyable part of being in the NICU. Kangaroo care is not just for mothers, it is an important way for dads to bond with their baby too. Babies born prematurely should still be in the womb and need as much skin to skin contact as possible. The warmth of a father’s embrace creates a bond between the baby and the father that will be there for life.

3Kangaroo Care NICU helps the baby with cognitive development.

Conclusions from a study on Kangaroo Care have shown that “Kangaroo Care had a significant positive impact on the infant’s perceptual-cognitive and motor development and on the parenting process. We speculate that Kangarooing has both a direct impact on infant development by contributing to the neurophysiological organization and an indirect effect by improving parental mood, perceptions, and interactive behavior.”

4Kangaroo Care NICU feels good.

Holding a newborn baby on your chest is one of the most special things that you will ever experience. This heart warming feeling is something that you will never forget. Knowing that this warm embrace will help improve your child’s health makes the whole experience even more worthwhile.

5Kangaroo Care NICU makes breastfeeding easier.

For mothers having a baby lying on your chest makes it easier for them to access the breasts for milk. This makes breast feeding much more convenient. Your baby can feed and then fall asleep with their mother’s warm embrace.

6Kangaroo Care NICU helps the baby adapt

Being outside the womb is foreign for newborns. This feeling is even more unfamiliar for premature babies. The scent, heat, and heartbeat of their parents help the baby to adapt to the outside world.

7Kangaroo Care NICU reduces stress

Adapting to a new environment can be stressful for a newborn baby. Kangarooing reduces babies’ levels of cortisol(stress hormone) and increases levels of the oxytocin(cuddle hormone). This makes the baby feel calm and safe.

8Kangaroo Care NICU helps babies to sleep

As per the last point, when your baby is not stressed, he/she will sleep better. A sleepy baby is a happy baby. A happy baby is a happy parent. Kangaroo care makes both parents and babies happier.

9Kangaroo Care NICU helps babies to gain weight

Newborn babies and especially preemies struggle to regulate their body temperature. That is why they sleep in incubators. Kangaroo care is another great way for your baby to stay warm. They can then conserve their energy and put on weight. The easy access to breast milk also gives them a chance to feed regularly.

Kangaroo Care NICU is one of the most important things that you can do for your baby. The benefits are endless and your baby will reap the rewards for the rest of their life. It is not only beneficial, but it is extremely enjoyable too. Grab a good book and spend as much time as you can cuddling with your newborn.

Have you tried Kangaroo Care NICU? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments below.



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