Being a working parent makes it hard to spend enough time with your family. The majority of your weekdays are spent sleeping, working and commuting. This leaves you with only a handful of hours with your family. The last 16 months have thought me a lot about how to spend more time with my family. In this post, you will learn some simple tricks that will help you to make more time for your family.

How to make more time for your family

Working Parents Need To Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the most important factors for living a healthy balanced life. If you are well rested then you will be able to show up better for your family every day. With enough sleep, the quality time that you spend together is not ruined by you being exhausted.

Working Parents Need To Go To Bed Earlier

The best way to do this is to set a strict bedtime and stick to it. Set up a sleep routine and try to be asleep by 10. Working parents need to turn off all screens an hour before they go to bed. This will ensure that sleep is not affected by the blue light emitted from screens. Going to bed earlier makes it easier to get up and spend time with your family in the morning.

how to make more time for your family
Going to bed earlier means you can get up and have breakfast together.

Working Parents Need To Get Up Earlier

Getting up earlier means that you can get your stuff done before the kids wake up. I sleep from 10 PM and wake up at about 5.30AM. This gives me time in the morning to get my own stuff done. I wake up, meditate, workout, read and plan my day from for the first hour. Then at about 7 AM I make breakfast and play with the kids for an hour. This gives me quality time with them every morning. It is my favourite part of the day.

Having a schedule and sticking to it makes more time for your family

Having a strict schedule might sound like a pain in the ass but it makes your life easier.  Knowing what you need to do and when you need to do makes life easier. Scheduling family time as part of your day makes it easier to be present. I schedule time with my children every morning. After work from 6PM-8PM is also100% family time. No screens, just good quality family time. I also spend nearly every Saturday and Sunday with the family.

Don’t try to do too much

If your day is well scheduled it makes it easier to not try and do too much. If you try and do too much then you will not have enough time to spend with your family. The key is not wasting time and maximising the time you have. I work full time, have twins, write a blog, workout every day and still have a lot of quality time with my family. If I can do it then anyone can do it.

Do the most important things first.

If you have some important things do then get them done early in the day. This is true for your professional and personal life. If you get the most pressing things done first then you will feel less pressure when you are spending quality time with your family.

Turn off Your Screens

We waste so much time on our phones and TV. This time can be used to be more productive. When you are more productive then you will feel less guilty and more present when spending time with your family.

Turning off your screen will give you the chance to be with your family and not checking social media. The quality of the time that you spend together is more important than how long you spend together.


Being a working parent is really hard work. It is hard to strike a good work-life balance. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. These are some of the tips that I have learned along the way that have helped me to have more time for my family. Do you have a good work-life balance? I would love to hear how you make time for your family in the comments below.



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