Your life has changed and you’ve taken up the most important role that you will ever have. You have become a father. Whether you wanted to become a dad or not doesn’t matter. You are now responsible for your child’s well being and it is time to up your game.

Don’t strive to be a father but set your aim on being the best dad that you can be. This will take a lot of sacrifices and hard work but it your child’s life is worth it. This post will help fathers to learn how to be a great dad

How To Be A Great Dad? Try These 11 Habits.

1.Don’t worry

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Don’t Worry

If you are a new father then do not worry, you are not alone. For tens of thousands of years, billions of men have gone through the footsteps of fatherhood and raised amazing children. You are living proof of this evolution. Being a father feels unfamiliar at the outset but if you put in the work you will soon find your feet.

2.Be Patient With Your Children


How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Be Patient with your children

Being a dad will test your patience. You will have to deal with new experiences like sleepless nights, teething and temper tantrums. These are part of growing up and you have to be tolerant of your children.

Patience is one of the greatest virtues that you can bestow on your child. The best way to teach your child patience is by being patient yourself.

3.Do Night Feeds

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Do The Night Feeds

When your baby is a newborn your wife/girlfriend will be under massive pressure. This is accentuated by the sleep deprivation that comes from night feeds. You can start by doing alternating night feeding shifts to ease the load.

Britains leading expert in sleep science Dr Jim Horne says that women need more sleep than men. Helping with night feeds will make your partner’s get more sleep which will make your life easier.

4.Change Your Babies Nappies

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Change Your Babies Diaper

The day’s of mothers being the only ones doing parenting duties is gone. To be a great dad you have to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. It is a thankless job that your baby will never appreciate but it comes with the territory of being a dad.

5.To Be A Great Dad You Must Be There For Your Wife

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad –
Make your wife croissants and coffee in bed.

Your relationship came first and is the cornerstone of your family. You have to do everything in your power to protect your wife. Help her around the house, cheer her up when she is down and listen to her attentively when she speaks.

Compromising and catering to her needs will help your relationship. A happy relationship creates a stable home for your children.

6. Become The Best Provider You Can Be

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Become The Best Provide You Can Be

When you become a father your whole outlook on life changes. You are now a provider for your family. There needs to be enough food on the table and all their basic physiological needs are taken care of.

You children also need to feel safe and secure at home and feel the love from their parents. To be a great dad, you will need to work harder to provide a prosperous future for your children.

7.Make Time For Your Children

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Make Time To Hang Out

Being a father and working full time makes time for your children very precious. You need to strictly manage this precious commodity and make sure you have enough time for your children.

There are 168 hours in a week. You need to spend at least 20-30 hours with your children. For example, every evening from 5.30-8.30, Saturday from 8-1 and all day Sunday are family time. Time with your children is the most important thing you can give them.

8.Read To Your Children

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Read To Your Children

Reading is one of the best things that you can do for your children. It is easy to do but it is also easy not to do. The benefits of reading are massive for both you and your child.

The easiest way to incorporate reading into your child’s life is by setting a bedtime sleeping routineReading to your child will become a habit and it will help you on your way to being a great dad.

9.Sing To Your Children

How To Be A Great Dad
How To Be A Great Dad – Sing To Your Children.

Along with reading, singing is a great way to bond with your child. Singing has numerous benefits including improved literacy and emotional intelligence for children. It is a really fun way to educate your child and teach them something that will last a lifetime.

10.Be Affectionate With Your Children


How To Be A Great DadModern fathers are not scared to be affectionate with their children. Children crave affection and touch from their fathers. This form of bonding establishes a trust that is associated with happiness in later life. Don’t worry what the World thinks about displays of affection. Being affectionate with your child will help your child to be happy and healthy. Being affectionate is part of being a great dad.

Thanks for reading. Are there any other ways to be a great dad that I have left out?

If you can think of any then let me know in the comments below.

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