Being a father(or mother) of twins feels like your life is in fast forward. Hours seem like minutes and days seem like hours. The saying “there are not enough hours in a day” finally has some meaning for twin parents.

I was told that I would never have my own children and now I have two. I’m extremely grateful to modern medicine for giving me this gift. Without assisted reproduction, I would have no family.

I’m grateful but I am also exhausted. I knew that having twins would be hard but I had just no idea how hard. There is a constant pressure that is really can be hard to manage at times. You need to put in a lot of work to stay sane and manage how busy your life has become.

Here are the 5 hardest things about being a father of Twins

1Parenting Twins Means No Time For Yourself

When you become a parent of twins you can kiss goodbye to your social life. You have barely any time for yourself. If you work full time then your life is pretty much family, work and sleep. Trying to fit in you time is very difficult.

2Parenting Twins Means Your Life Will Change

This is the hardest part for most parents. Your whole life changes. If you are scared of change then do not have twins. Everything you do for the first two year is outside of your comfort zone. Comfort is a thing of the past.

Before you had twins there was just so much time to do what you want. Now your life revolves around two peoples survival. Nothing else that you do matters anymore. Most parents are do not realise just how much life changes after having twins.

3Parenting Twins Means Sleep deprivation

I used to get 9-10 hours sleep every night. That is now a distant memory. For the first 6 months of having twins that was often down to 4 hours per night. Sleep deprivation becomes less frequent as they get older but you never know when the next sleepless night is.

Having twins has thought me the value of sleep. As a result, I have created a strict routine to ensure I get the best sleep possible. My 10-hour luxury nights of sleep are now a distant memory. My sleep has dwindled down to a paltry, yet scientifically accurate, 7.5 hours per night. Having twins means I have to go to bed and get up considerably earlier every day.

4Parenting Twins Means There Is No Time For Your Relationship

Having twins will push your relationship to its limits. There is a reason that large numbers of twin parents split up. When you have twins you have little or no time for your relationship. You have to work hard to find a babysitter and they usually come at night time.

If you have been up since 5 AM then going out at night is not much fun. The only way that you can really spend quality time together is if you have a babysitter during the day or the early evening.

As hard as it is you have to make the effort. You need to work hard to ensure that your relationship lasts the test of time. Being a twin parent means you will have to work hard to make sure you stick together. If you can get through twins then you can get through anything.

5Parenting Twins Costs A Lot Of Money

Having twins means you have to pay for everything twice. Twice as many diapers, twice as much formula, twice as much clothes. It all adds up. You spend an average of $250,000 on a child in their lifetime. Multiply this by two and you have a whopping $500,000. Do you know what you can get for $500,000? Just google it.


If you are thinking of having twins then take everything into consideration. Are you ready for your life to change so drastically? Can you afford it? Is your relationship strong enough? It takes really strong parents to manage having twins.

As hard as it is for us parents of multiples, we would never change it for the World. When you have two babies then you cannot imagine your life without them. They are the best thing that will ever happen to you.






  1. Unless you’re doing IVF and put 2 embryos in, I don’t think anyone “thinks about” having twins. It just happens. It just happened to us. This post makes me sad and these reasons are why I’m more terrified than excited about having twins. Guess I shouldn’t have read this being 6 months pregnant with twins myself.

    • Hi Alycia, thanks for the comment. There is way more good than bad when you have twins. This is my honest opinion on the hardest parts. I will write about the best things about having twins to show you how great it is. 🙂


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