It might be hard to believe, but my infertility is in many ways a blessing. It is easier to say its a blessing since my children were born. When we were going through IVF treatment, I knew that life was teaching me some very valuable lessons. This was a coping mechanism to get me through what was the hardest time of my life. Framing the hardship as lessons has helped me to improve my life

Before I was diagnosed as infertile my life was directionless and I had no reason to wake up every morning. Going through IVF treatment put my life into gear and gave me something to focus on. Once I knew that I wanted a family, a fire was lit that could not be put out.

It is during the darkest times that you learn the most about yourself. Having to cope with the heartache and pain of failed treatment opened up my eyes to what is important.

8 Reasons that I am grateful for my infertility

Infertility Made Me Fitter

Going through IVF is one of the most stressful things that you will ever experience. Coping mechanisms are necessary to deal with the pressure. Fitness is one of the best ways to cope with any type of stress. During IVF, I built a morning routine that involves a 30 minute workout. This daily habit as revolutionised my life. Finding my fitness again was one of the biggest improvements that I made to me life as a result of infertility.

Infertility thought me Mindfulness

Anxiety and fear were constant while coping with infertility. I was anxious and fearful because I was living in the past and the future but not the present. While going through IVF I learned to meditate which helped me to be mindful and present. Infertility gifted the habit of meditating daily and it is now part of my every day life.

Infertility Made Ne Healthier

My overall health has improved drastically since IVF treatment. Getting fitter and improving my diet has resulted in an overall improvement in my health and well being.

Infertility Made Me Focus

IVF treatment thought me how to focus on achieving a goal. I had to make so many sacrifices for the treatment to be a success. This focus is a skill that I have transferred to other areas of my life.

Infertility Thought Me Determination

To get through IVF treatment you need determination and perseverance. A never say day attitude is a must if you want to have successful treatment. Determination is something that I have learned during IVF and taken into my every day professional and personal life.

Infertility Thought Me How To Work Hard

Infertility treatment takes a lot of physical and emotional hard work. IVF thought me to work harder than I had ever worked before. Hard work is now part of my life. I would not work so hard today if I had not been through IVF treatment.

Infertility made my relationship stronger

When Olivia and I went through IVF we worked hard to stay together. The treatment pushed our relationship to its limits and we nearly split up. Going through IVF treatment and coming out the other side with children brought us closer together. We both learned how important our relationship is and we are stronger as a result.

Infertility thought me Gratitude

When you World is falling down around you it is important to focus on what you are grateful for. Practicing gratitude every day was one of the best lessons that I learned from fertility. While I was going through IVF treatment I developed the habit of writing down the things that I am grateful for every morning.

If you are going through IVF then step back and look at your situation. It is the hardest thing that you will ever do. It might be hard but you need see the lessons that life is teaching you. I will leave you with a quote:

You’re going to go through tough times – that’s life. But I say, ‘Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.’ See the positive in negative events. Joel Osteen


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