Fertility Centres are scary and amazing. They are scary as they bring so much uncertainty and they are amazing because they create life. There are so many different types of infertility and treatments. This brings many different types of people to fertility centres.

The 5 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Fertility Centre:

1. The Happy/Naive First Timers.

We fell into this bracket. The happy naive first timers that were ignorant to the hellish journey on which we are about to embark. A visit to the fertility clinic is like a dental appointment for these footloose and fancy free, free spirits. Blinded by hope and expectation of having a baby within the next 10 months, they have no idea what they are about to go through

2. The Veteran (The 40+ women that will never give up)

Her eyes are bloodshot and the worry lines around her eyes and mouth are deep crevices.  The bags under her eyes are sunken deep and her frown is intensified by the coffee, cigarette and wine stains on her teeth. This is her sixth try and she will not give up. The IVF treatment has visibly taken its toll, both mentally, and physically, on this poor woman. Her confidence is shot and she cannot hold eye contact with anyone in the room. She is either separated or her marriage is in tatters from the stress of infertility. The second a child enters the room she is filled with anguish and regret and within seconds gets up to leave. It is hard not to feel sorry for this woman. She wants children more than anything in the world but everything seems to be working against her. This could be her last attempt at IVF. She just can’t hack it anymore

3. The Foreign Couple

There is always a family from another country, usually Turkey, Poland, or one of the Arabic countries. They struggle with the language and are always in groups of 4 or more. The Turkish and Arabic women wear headscarves and some people look with disdain at foreigners that are using the Healthcare system.

4. The Experienced, Battle Tested IVF Warriors.

They are couples that have been through several IVF treatments they have been hardened and tested by the trying fertility times. They know how hard it really is. They know that there is a good chance that it will fail. Several failed attempts deep in their infertility journey. They are not naive anymore. These people will usually not be smiling or happy. They’re usually tired, worried, and really want a family more than anything. They’re Fighters with a never say die attitude. Giving up is just not an option. their dreams of having a family will never be stopped.

5. The Women & Her Best Friend

Then there is the IVF first timer and her best friend. They come to the clinic happy joyful and with lots of expectancy. They chat, they giggle and they laugh. Looking at the pictures of the babies on the wall, they whisper hopefully into each other’s ear. They snigger and IVF seems like an optimistic cheerful operation that will give one of them children soon. They are not aware of the risks, the depression, and the side effects that come with failed IVF.

Did I miss anyone? Are there other types of people that you meet at a Fertility Clinic? I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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