Finding the right fertility doctor and fertility centre is a really difficult decision. It can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful IVF treatment. It is convenient to expect that finding a clinic will be easy. A quick search on google will bring up your local fertility centre and that is your decision made. Do not make the mistake of rushing to the first clinic that you find.

For our first IVF treatment, my wife had a bad feeling about the fertility centre and the fertility doctor. This was a bad start. We had two failed IVF treatments. We went through hell and back in hope of having children. Thankfully, with our third treatment, we ended up in an amazing fertility centre. The Westend fertility centre in Berlin gave us the gift of twins.

3 tips on how to find the best fertility centre for you:

1You need a good connection with the fertility doctor.

Having a successful IVF treatment is very tough. Be prepared.

This is a very important aspect in selecting the right fertility centre. In the fertility clinic where we had two failed IVF treatments, it felt like a conveyor belt. We had a different doctor each time we visited the fertility centre. Having to build a relationship with a different doctor each time made the process of IVF even harder. You need to feel that you are in the hands of someone that you trust. For our first two failed tries we were seen by six different doctors. None of whom we got the chance to trust.

For our successful IVF treatment, we had one doctor from start to finish. She did a deep analysis of our first two failed treatments and discovered several issues with the treatment. My wife had thyroid issue called Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and had been given too high a dosage of the progesterone. This could have been the reason for the two failed IVF treatments. Progesterone had on two occasions overstimulated ovulation. The result was too many eggs that were low in quality. This could have been due to a combination of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and a high dosage of progesterone.

For our third IVF treatment, the fertility doctor recommended the long protocol. This was a less invasive course of drugs that was administered nasally over three months. The side effects were not as severe and the quality of the eggs retrieved was much better. I am so happy to say that after thorough care from Dr Siemann and many changes to the IVF process our third try was a success.

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2It is important to get a good feeling about the fertility centre, the nurses and the staff.

The treatment by the nurses and staff at the fertility centre can make a big difference to your IVF procedure.

Simple things like how clean and comfortable the clinic are influential factors when choosing a fertility centre. For our successful IVF treatment, the clinic was not too busy, had state of the art technology and was extremely comfortable. This combination of factors gave us a good feeling about the fertility centre. The feeling of comfort and care at the fertility centre will make IVF process much smoother.

The care from the staff and nurses will also help determine if the fertility centre is right for you. A simple smile and friendly conversation with the staff makes the world of difference through the tough IVF process. The staff and nurses know that you are going through the hardest time of your life and it really helps when they treat you well.

3Check as many online reviews as possible.

Check online reviews before picking your Fertility Centre.

There are numerous online portals in different countries for comparing fertility centres and fertility doctors. Do your research and look through the review sites in great detail. My wife and I did not look through the online reviews of both the fertility centre and doctors before our first two treatments. This was a big mistake and it resulted in two failed IVF treatments. For our final IVF treatment, a friend recommended a fertility doctor. After doing a thorough online check we chose her and ended up having twins. Do your homework if you want to increase your chances of successful IVF.

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In conclusion, when you are looking for a fertility centre it is important that you do your research. You have to get a good feeling about the doctor and fertility centre. There are many factors that make up a successful IVF procedure. It all starts with finding the right fertility clinic and fertility doctor. Once you have the right fertility clinic in place it is up to the doctor to get the ball rolling on the IVF process. With a bit of luck and some patience, you too can become another IVF success story.

Please let me know your thoughts or experiences on finding a clinic in the comments below.

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