Fathers and Children should spend as much time together as possible. Do you want your children to grow up more confident, healthier, and well-behaved? Sure you do. Studies show that it’s not enough for kids to spend time with their mothers to have a proper upbringing. It is equally important for them to spend time with their fathers. Research highlights that kids who enjoy spare time with their fathers may develop a higher IQ. Here are 13 reasons to back up the recently-made claims.


Fathers and Children
Fathers and Children A very pleasant scene to see a father and son play at the beach early Sunday morning!!

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Fathers and Children –

13 reasons children whose fathers spend more time with them have higher IQs

  1. Social mobility  

It seems that children who spend more time with their dads grow up more socially mobile. The impact a father has on his child is mostly visible later, following adolescence and early adulthood.


  1. Increased confidence

Men are known to have more confidence than women. A father who spends quality time with his son or daughter may notice their kids growing up more confident and self-assured.


  1. A sense of independence

Fathers play a fundamental role in their kids’ upbringing. They’re more determined and ambitious, and less sentimental. An increased sense of objectivity helps the child develop a sense of determination and independence early in life; which may contribute to the development of a higher IQ.

“Fathers play a fundamental role in their kids’ upbringing.”


  1. A well-grounded sense of focus

A male role model in the family may compel kids to strive harder, be more protective with those around them, and develop a particular sense of focus.


  1. Natural-born self-esteem

A study conducted in Pennsylvania revealed that fathers may have a role in helping their kids develop a greater self-esteem. A boost of confidence may also contribute to a higher, more developed IQ in the kids later in life.


Fathers and Children
Fathers and Children – You should spend as much time as a possible together as a family.

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6. Multitasking abilities

In general, women are known to be masterminds at multitasking. Regardless, a study performed by Yale University back in 2014 reveals that fathers who get involved in the process of the upbringing of their tots can help them become great at handling multiple tasks at the same time.


  1. Brain stimulation through reading aloud

Unlike women, who have softer voice tones, a man’s voice is raw and it may have a greater impact on the brain of your child. Fathers should make time to read stories to their kids, as this might help stimulate the brain and assimilate information a lot easier.

“Fathers should make time to read stories to their kids”


  1. Increased productivity thanks to interactive playtime

It looks like dads who make time to play interactive games with their kids can actually help them become smarter and more detail-oriented. Whether we’re talking about boys or girls, fathers should find more time to connect and teach their kids about responsibility.


  1. Cognitive brain development

Fathers can have more impact on the cognitive functioning of a child’s brain. Spending as much time as possible with your son or daughter in the first 2 years can contribute to a healthier brain development. Even the smallest interactions can have a huge impact in fostering communication and compelling the brain to react to specific stimuli.


  1. Broader thinking perspective

All parents want their kids to grow up smart. It’s no secret that mothers play a fundamental role in the upbringing of their tots. But it’s equally important to get the dad involved in the process as much as possible.


  1. Discipline

Men have a specific sense of discipline that women may not have. A determined father may help motivate their kids to grow up just as disciplined and organized. Find a way to be a father figure, and your child will grow up a lot more calculated, smarter and more determined to achieve whatever he wants.


Fathers and Children
Fathers and Children A very pleasant scene to see a father and son play at the beach early Sunday morning!!

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/sudhanshugoyal/4766514975/sizes/z/


  1. Ambition

Fathers may help their kids grow a sense of ambition. The more you talk to them about the importance of setting goals and striving to achieve them, the better chances you have for you to grow up ambitious and ready to accept any challenge that comes their way.


  1. Responsibility

Fathers are the providers of the family. They’re pillar and role-models you’ll want your child to look up to. To help your kid grow up responsible, you should become their private tutor, and spend time together doing all sorts of activities that involve taking responsibilities – from fixing stuff around the house all the way to cooking the Sunday barbecue.

Fathers and Children that spend time together will result in a higher IQ for the children.

Kids that spend time with their dads will grow up happier, more productive and more confident. This time should not just be spent sitting on your smartphone. Spend real quality time with your children. Interact with them, read to them and play with them. This bonding their father will help you to raise a more balanced and smarter child.

Author Bio: Jason Phillips is a blogger and writes various articles on education. He also writes for smiletutor who provides home tuitions in Singapore. He loves to do swimming and reading books in his leisure time.


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