Why should you set time to discuss IVF treatment? IVF is all consuming and it influences every area of your life. Your work, your sleep and your physical and mental health are all affected by the treatment. I was recently reading the controversial, Canadian professor, Jordan Petersons book – 12 Rules for Life. While I do not agree with all of his views, he raises some very interesting points.

Many of his rules are very useful for those going through IVF treatment. In one of the later chapters he discusses at length his daughters illness, a form of arthritis that affects children. It is harrowing story and it had a major impact on both the authors and his family’s life.

I could not help but draw a comparison to having a sick child and IVF treatment. If you are reading this then you are probably trying to have a family. Have you ever thought about if you do have a family that your child may one day get sick. It is a testament to the old adage that life is suffering. All of the major religions discuss at nauseam, the fact that we all suffer in life.

IVF is one of those times of extreme suffering. Suffering affects us all in different ways and it can ruin our life if not dealt with properly. It is hard to say which is harder, your child suffering with a debilitating illness or not having children.

Jordan discusses a way of coping that is universal for any from of suffering in life. Set time aside to talk about it every day. Be specific and block out time each day to talk about the problem. With his sick child, he discussed the treatment and how it affected their family every morning for an hour. This was the only time that they would discuss it.

They made sure that they would talk about in depth and come up with a plan to overcome it. They would never talk about it at night and only during the designated time. Discussing the problem at night is not advisable. Discussing something so hard at night will leave your mind racing and you will not be able to sleep.

Set Time To Discuss IVF Treatment Every Day.

The technique is simple but takes discipline. Talking about the IVF and having a plan gives you hope and direction. Assigning time for talking about IVF each day means that it is not all consuming. You only focused on IVF at the allotted time.

Discussing IVF treatment in the morning means that you can go to bed without having IVF on your mind. This will help you to sleep better and cope with the inevitable stress of the treatment.

If you are going through IVF treatment then consider allocating a time to discuss IVF treatment. Instead of letting it ruin your life for 24 hours a day, set time to discuss IVF and understand how you can get through it together. This approach will take focus and structure but it could help you to avoid having a melt down.

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