What is the IVF Process? (IN LAYMAN’S TERMS)

In Vitro Fertilisation is when a women’s egg are fertilised outside of the body. The term comes from Latin and it literally means in...
Max was struggling for his life

The 4 Best Premature Baby Blogs 2018

After infertility and IVF Treatment having premature babies was the hardest thing that I have had to deal with. We were one of the...
Our IVF Story

How Do Men Deal With Infertility & IVF Treatment

When we think of infertility, we think that the problem lies with the women. Fertility affects 12% of couples and it is 50% men...
Our IVF Story

What is ICSI and how does it differ from IVF?

What is ICSI? A question that I had following my initial infertility diagnosis was what is ICSI? When I got the bad news, the doctor...
Tips for Twins No.

Welcome to my Vlog. Episode 1 of 365

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