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Infertility Diagnosis

How does it feel to get the dreaded Infertility Diagnosis

  This is an excerpt from a chapter from my upcoming book. If you are going through IVF or know somebody that is then please...
Talk About Infertility

Dear Men, It’s Time To Talk About Infertility!

A recent meta analysis of 185 studies in which semen was collected showed that sperm concentration has drastically declined. This alarming study has fertility specialists...
Male infertility blog

What I changed to have successful IVF Series. Part 1

The changes that I made to have successful IVF treatment. This is the first in a series of posts about the changes I made for...
grateful for my infertility

8 Reasons that I’m grateful for my infertility

It might be hard to believe, but my infertility is in many ways a blessing. It is easier to say its a blessing since...
Why do men feel shame about infertility?

Why Do Men Feel Shame About Their Infertility?

Why Do Men Feel Shame About Their Infertility? Men live their lives under the influence of a relentless fear of showing weakness. Our culture...