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We Beat Infertility

Are you there for each other during IVF treatment?

This is the final post in the what I changed for successful IVF. After two failed IVF treatments I knew that a lot needed...
Meaning in infertility

Finding Meaning in Infertility – Lessons For Coping

When I found out that I was infertile, I felt empty and that my life had no meaning. In my eyes, men are put...
Podcast Fertility

The Fertility Podcast – Male Episodes

Click here to listen to the SCANTILY DAD interview for the Fertility Podcast: Gents, fancy having a listen to some chats about your fertility? Probably...
Pesticicdes Can Affect Male Fertility

8 Everyday Environmental Factors That Affect Male Fertility

Did You Know That Everyday Items Can Affect Male Fertility? Fertility rates are decreasing at an alarming rate and everyday environmental factors could be...
Infertility Diagnosis

How does it feel to get the dreaded Infertility Diagnosis

  This is an excerpt from a chapter from my upcoming book. If you are going through IVF or know somebody that is then please...