So, finally I finished my book. It only took a year. 🙂 Good things come to those that wait. It took a little longer than expected life as I was working, parenting, blogging etc.

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The hard work and patience paid off. The first draught is completed and now I’m working on getting it edited, proofread, designed etc….

Why Did I write the book?

I wrote the book to give back. It’s important to share what I learned on my fertility journey other couples in the same situation. We made a lot of changes to our lives for the IVF treatment to work. Learning about these changes could help infertile couples to have a family.

The book is also a chance for me to give back financially. 100% of the profits form book sales will go back into fertility research.

How will the book be formatted?

The first section of the book is about the first two failed treatments. The second part of the story is about the changes that I made before the final successful IVF treatment. The third part of the book is interviews with the World’s leading fertility experts. I’m am interviewing experts in the different fields of fertility (nutrition, egg health, acupuncture) and I will share what I learn. If anyone knows any fertility experts or fertility influencers that I could interview please drop me a message below.

I am looking for funding

I’ve also launched a Kickstarter funding campaign that is in the process of being reviewed. It should be approved in the next three days. I want to raise €10,000 to get the ball rolling with the next steps; proofreading, editing, design, PR, marketing etc. I’m pretty sure I’m going to self publish but I’m not 100% sure what’s the best route. Any advice would be greatly appreciated?

Book Launch
Book Launch – PS this is not my book but just me holding a book.

Expect me to be bombarding you in the next few weeks and months with information about Kickstarter campaign. You will also here a lot from the World’s leading fertility experts and influencers as I gear up for the launch. The Kickstarter campaign will run until National Infertility Awareness Week 22-28 April 2018.

Seeking Sponsors

Maybe a fertility centre or drug company would be interested in sponsoring the project. If you have any suggestions then let me know.

If you’re interested in my story and hearing more about the campaign please sign up for my email below. Thanks.

Want a free chapter of the book?
Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.

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