What best toys for 1 year old? This is a comprehensive guide to buying the best toys for both boys and girls. If you are a parent, grandparent, aunty, uncle, any relation or friend of the family then reading this guide will help you buy the right gift for a one-year-old child. In this guide, you will discover toys for boys, girls and unisex gifts that are truly beneficial and will help the baby’s development. For that reason, I have broken down this list down into sections:

  1. Toys that help babies Learn to Walk.
  2. Toys that help babies learn to talk 
  3. Toys That Teach Babies Fine Motor Skills 
  4. Educational Toys
  5. Toys That Encourage Babies Creativity 

What you have to consider when searching for the best Toys For 1 Year Old??

Buying a toy for a one-year-old is no mean feat. A quick google search or a trip to your local toy shop may leave you scratching your head. The options are endless and you want to make sure you buy something that a baby will love. A one-year-old baby is at one of the most beautiful and exciting phases of their life. They are gaining independence, learning to walk, talk, and refine their fine motor skills. You want to buy them a gift that will cater for this stage of development.

What Are The Best Toys For A 1 Year Old that will teach them to walk?

VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker – best toys for 1 year old

The VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker can be used for babies that are between 9-36 months. Under the supervision of parents, it is a tool great to for walking and educating your baby. It comes in various colours and it will not just help with learning to walk. The sit to stand learning walker has a detachable activity board that teaches, shapes, colours, animals and numbers. The non-slip wheels and speed control make learning to walk that much easier. Click Here To See The Price

Pewi Ybike Ride On Toy and Walking Buddy – best toys for 1 year old

For ages 9-36 months the Pewi Ybike is the perfect walking buddy to help your baby learn to walk. It can be used both indoors and outdoors and all surfaces. The award-winning versatile design means it can accommodate a child’s different stages of development. It can be used for supported walking, pushing, riding and sitting. While playing on the Ybike babies can develop important motor and cognitive skills such as balance, coordination and spatial awareness. Click Here to See The Price.

HABA Walk Along Tool Cart – best toys for 1 year old

For ages 10 months+, the Haba Walk Along Tool Cart is perfect for the aspiring walking carpenter. While it is a little on the expensive side the hours of entertainment are worth it. The tools include, a hammer, saw, wrench and players. The non-toxic tools will help with your baby’s fine motor skills, role play and creativity. All of this while teaching your baby to walk. The wheels are fitted with an adjustable brake to make walking less dangerous at the beginning. The Haba Walk Along Tool Cart is classically designed and a great toy to help little boys or girls to walk. Click Here To See The Price

What Are The Best Toys For a 1 Year Old That Help Babies Learn To Talk

Stacking & Nesting Toys – best toys for 1 year old

Both Parents and children alike love the traditional stacking toys. They are timeless classic toys that babies love. Stacking and nesting toys are not just fun but they can help your baby develop language and cognitive skills if played with properly. You can teach your baby concepts such as:

  1. Prepositions like in/out, on, under, behind etc.
  2. The concept of colours
  3. The concept of shapes
  4. Sizes – small, smaller, smallest, big, bigger, biggest, etc.
  5. Counting
  6. The cup is half full, the cup is half empty

Blocks -best toys for 1 year old

Blocks are another classic toy that baby’s love. They come in so many different shapes and sizes and are wonderful for parents to teach many different concepts. As with the stacking toys above blocks can be used to teach children a multitude of language concepts. Blocks come in many shapes and sizes and many can help to teach children to speak. You can get blocks with letters, animals, colours and much more. These wooden shapes are building blocks of your babies language learning journey.

Talking and Singing Toys – best toys for 1 year old

Talking and singing toys are the most obvious toys to teach your baby how to speak. Humans and especially babies are one of the best creatures on the planet at imitating what they see others doing. Babies will mimic both their parents and other stimuli from their environment. These toys come in many different formats; singing books, cuddly toys and mini baby computers.

What Are The Best Toys For A 1 Year Old That teaches them Fine Motor Skills?

Dr Seuss “One Fish” Stacking Blocks– best toys for 1 year old

If you are a fan of the Dr Seuss children’s books then this is for you and your children. These blocks are emblazoned with images and rhymes for the classic Dr Seuss story “ONE FISH, TWO FISH, RED FISH, BLUE FISH!”. The vivid colours will grab your baby’s attention and the lovely images will look good in every baby’s playroom. The blocks are durable and have a glossy finish. The blocks will teach your baby to problem solve while developing their fine motor skills.

ALEX Jr. Sound and Play Busy Table – best toys for 1 year old

What do babies love and parents hate? Making lots of noise. What better place than to make lots and lots of noise, and develop their fine motor skills, than at home with the ALEX Jr. Sound and Play Busy Table. They can pound, slide, peek, explore and create music. The beauty of this toy is that it can entertain more than one child at once. There are not many toys on the market that will entertain a one-year-old on so many levels.

Ziggles – best toys for 1 year old

This rattle toy and teether is a ball of entertainment for nearly every one year old, especially if they are teething. Ziggles is filled with so many patterns, colours and textures that your baby will love it. It will help to improve your baby’s motor skills while working on their auditory and cognitive skills. This unique toy is a great gift for any one year old.

What Are The Best Educational Toys For a One Year Old?

Books – best toys for 1 year old

I had a guest post on the benefits of reading to children. The benefits of reading to your baby and developing a little bookworm are endless. If all goes well you will create a lifelong love of books for your children. There are so many books to chose from but my children’s favourite is the Very Hungry Caterpillar. We got it as a gift from a friend and we have read it multiple times.

Shape Sorter – best toys for 1 year old

Another Classic, shape sorters are perfect for teaching your baby how to place different shapes into the correct holes. There are many options available but I would recommend getting wood as it looks the nicest and has the least amount of toxins. Wooden shape sorters are sturdy and will teach your baby shape and colour recognition and how to solve problems. If you are looking for a shape sorter that looks good and is affordable then you cannot go wrong with the Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube.

Mega Blocks – best toys for 1 year old

Mega Blocks were the first present that I bought for my son for his first birthday and he loved them. There was an element of selfishness and nostalgia in my purchase and it was the right decision. I was not sure which section to put this under as it teaches fine motor skills, is educational and shows creativity. I chose educational as it encourages hands-on exploration, self-discovery and use of imagination. It is such versatile present and it is the perfect precursor for any potential future lego fan.

What Are The Best Toys For A 1 Year Old That Encourages Creativity?

Xylophone – best toys for 1 year old

As babies turn one they love to explore and make lots noise. A great medium on which they can be creative and noisy simultaneously is a xylophone. There are many types of xylophone available for the future musician. Wooden xylophones with metal keys look and sound the best. If you are buying a xylophone make sure that the mallets are rounded on both ends. This will make accidents and eye/throat poking less dangerous for your little one.

Drums – best toys for 1 year old

For a one-year-old, everything is a drum. They love to explore by banging on everything. Why not channel their inner Ringo Star into a baby drum kit. While baby drum kits could potentially by the nosiest present you buy your baby it is a chance for developing creativity. The xxx drum kit is the go-to drum kit for one-year-olds.

Crayola My First Fingerpaint Kit – best toys for 1 year old

The final toy on the list is the Crayola My First Fingerpaint Kit. Getting kids painting early is a great way to start them being creative. Who knows, with the finger paint kit you may have the next Van Gough on your hands. The kit comes with three finger paint tubes and encourages baby to express themselves through the medium of free painting. Create an environment that can be cleaned up easily and leave your baby to enjoy hours of messy free painting. Parents need not worry as the large sheet will absorb most of the mess and colours are washable.


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