Being a parent of twins is amazing. Yes, it is challenging and it’s definitely not for the faint hearted. Recently, I wrote an article about 6 Scary Truths For All Parents Of Twins and it seemed to scare a lot of people. A lot of expectant mothers emailed me saying that my article had worried them.

That blog post was my honest view about hard it is being a parent of twins. The hardest things in life are the things that make you grow and learn. Since I my twins were born I have grown as a man. Being a twin parent means embracing the daily grind of early mornings, endless laundry and hours of playtime.

The hard work that you invest in your twins is so rewarding. Watching them blossom before your eyes is so satisfying.

The 6 Best Things About Having Twins:

1.You learn to work as a team.

I love my wife more than anyone in the World. Being a full time Mum to twins is one of the hardest jobs in the World. She looks after our twins full time while I get a break in work everyday.

“There is no I or me anymore. It is now we and us.  “

Learning to work as a team is one of the most valuable lessons that parenting twins has thought us. We would be lost without each other and having twins has thought us how to work together. There is no I or me, it’s now we and us.

2.It’s hilarious

Twins are laugh out loud hilarious. As they grow together and learn to walk and talk they do the most amusing things.

Everyday, even when I am on my own, I find myself laughing at our twins. We should have bought a baby phone with a camera to monitor their hysterical interactions when we are not there.

My wife and I like to find vantage points, through keyholes and frames of doors to observe our twins playing. They behave completely differently when they are unsupervised and it is funny to watch.

3.They have someone to play with

This could be the greatest thing about having twins. After they are fed, changed and cleaned, we leave them in their play pen where they play unsupervised for an hour or two at a time.

If you have one child you cannot do this. An only child will rarely want to play on their own for extended periods of time. Twins love company and do not require 100% attention from their parents all of the time.

4.Double Love and Double Smiles

The two highlights of my day are seeing my twins first thing in the morning and when I come home from work in the evening. When I hear them wake up in morning, I usually rush in and say good morning. My entrance to their room excites them frenzy of babbling and jumping around. For me, there is no better start to the day.

Every weekday, I cycle home from work excitedly looking forward to seeing my twins. Coming through the front door and being greeted by my two little miracles is the best way to transition from work into family time. I love how they both run/crawl and jump/fall into my arms. These moments are priceless and I cherish them dearly.

5.They develop quicker

Having twins is not just great for the parents but it’s great for the twins too. When one learns something the other quickly follows suit. For example, Mathilda learned to walk before Max and as a result he wanted to copy his older sister.  He saw us celebrate her milestones and wanted the same level of attention.

Within a month he learned to walk and caught up with his sister. If did not have his older sister developing faster than him then he would not have learned to walk so quickly. The first coupe of weeks were spent falling over but in no time he could walk too.

6.It’s all done in one go

As they say in German, “Dann haben wir es mit einem Abwasch.” We have it done it all with one wash. Modern city life is not a friend of big families. Most parents in the Western World have only one or two kids, if any at all. I always thought that I would have a big family, then I found out that I was infertile. It is a miracle that I have any children, never mind twins.

If we had just had one, I would have wanted more. For me, the perfect number of kids would be four. I know now that that will never happen and I’m content with what I have. If we had just one then we would have kept trying for more.

Now that we have two we are more than likely done and it was all done in one go. It makes me sad as I write this as I may never experience having babies in our home ever again.


To sum up, having twins is the best thing that can happen to any family. It is also one of the hardest. As hard as it gets, I would not change it for anything. My twins are a bundle of joy that give me two reasons to live.



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