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For our successful IVF treatment, we tried everything in our power to make sure that our treatment was as success. We changed our diets and we were on the right track physically to have successful IVF treatment. To compliment our improved diet both Olivia and started taking the best fertility supplements to help both the quality of my sperm and her eggs. We started taking natural and chemical fertility supplements and herbs for about 4 months in the lead up to our final fertility treatment. In this blog post, I will review the best fertility supplements that I tried. After taking the supplements there were noticeable improvements in both energy and alertness. This could have been a placebo effect but I feel the supplements had an impact.

Here are some of the best fertility supplements that I took to improve my fertility:

When came to supplementing our fertility diet we took two types of supplement. Natural and natural occurring but manufactured supplements. The natural supplements came in capsule form. The manufactured supplements are naturally occurring and are usually found in food but come in tablet form. There is no doubt that getting your vitamins from a natural source is better for the body, but complimenting a healthy fertility diet with supplements can really help your chances of having a baby.

The 3 Best Natural Fertility Supplements(that I tried):

Here is a list of the best fertility supplements that I added to my diet to help with fertility. Many of these fertility supplements have been used by cultures around the world for thousands of years to improve libido, sperm quality and fertility. Most are adaptogens that help endocrine system and hormones to work effectively. It is important to start a course of supplements for 3-6 months before IVF treatment.

Ginseng root – No. 1 – best fertility supplements

This is hard to come by but can be picked up online or in most good Asian supermarkets. When I could not find the actual root I would buy capsules on Amazon or drink ginseng tea. It’s a natural aphrodisiac and helps those that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Ginseng also helps with stress management, hormonal imbalance and a healthy immune system.


Dried Goji berry – No. 2  – best fertility supplements
These popular Asian berries can be found in most health stores. Goji berries serve several purposes when it comes to improved overall health. They are high in antioxidants which protect sperm from overheating and improve sperm quality and quantity. These highly nutritious berries also improve liver function and support hormonal balance.


Maca Root – No. 3. Best Fertility Supplements

I discovered this superfood before our third and successful IVF treatment. It can be bought in either powder or capsule form. It’s light earthy taste make it a welcome addition to smoothies. It is known to increase libido, sperm quality, volume and motility.




Other supplements that are said to help but I have not tried:

Above are the herbal supplements that I added to my diet but there are many other herbs that I have not tried that have been shown to help with fertility. I have not tried these but they are all naturally occurring and have little or no negative side effects. My favourite for its name alone is horny goat weed. Here are the other herbs that help with fertility that I have not tested.

The best fertility supplement(Nutritional supplement)

  1. Original Orthomol® Fertil plus 90

As well as the natural remedies mentioned above I also took a nutritional supplement to improve our chances of having a family. For men, the most important supplements to enhance fertility are Zinc, Vitamin C and selenium. There are also several other important nutrients, vitamins and minerals that help with sperm quality. Initially, I bought numerous different types of supplements. This soon became cumbersome and my bathroom shelf looked like chemist’s store room. I discovered a convenient solution that had all of my supplements tied up in a neat little package. It is called Original Orthomol® Fertil plus 90. It comes in 90 or 60-day packages and combines all of the nutrients to help with fertility. This could have been the reason that we had our twins.


Orthoml Fertil Plus
The best fertility supplements – Orthoml Fertil Plus as taken from their official website.

Click the Image below for more about Orthomol Fertil Plus


I tried these supplements along with a healthy diet and had successful IVF. It is hard to pinpoint if it was my diet or the supplements that helped with my infertility and IVF treatment. For 4 months leading up to my final treatment, I took Orthoml Fertil Plus daily as well as Maca, ginseng and goji berries and I felt more energetic and the alert. I cannot guarantee that any of these supplements will work for you, but if you are going through IVF then it would make sense to supplement your treatment with the best fertility supplements.

Have you tried any other fertility supplements? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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