Who the hell is Scantily Dad and what is the Scantily Dad Blog?

    Scantily Dad Blog
    Dad Blog – Scantily Dad, Scantily Mum, Scantily Max & Scantily Mathilda

    Why Did I start this Dad blog?

    This is the Scantily Dad blog. My name James, I am from Dublin, Ireland, and live in Berlin, with my wife Olivia. In November 2016, our twins Max and Mathilda were born. It was the best day of our lives but unfortunately, they were born ten weeks earlier than planned. That’s a hell of a long time in premature baby years.

    It was sunny Friday afternoon, and I was stuck in work and my babies, just three days old, lay under close medical supervision, far away, in a neonatal intensive care unit. Olivia called me in a state of hysteria. Max’s lung had just collapsed. I rushed to the hospital and on the train journey there, I couldn’t hold back the tears. We had just been through the most testing two years of our life, and our relationship had been pushed to the limit by three IVF treatments. After two failed IVF procedures, our third try was a success and our life was supposed to be easier from now on. Things couldn’t have been further from easy. Two premature babies and one in critical condition meant, even more, stress for Olivia and I.

    Max the miracle-Scantily Dad Blog
    Max on a breathing machine just before his lung collapsed.-Scantily Dad Blog

    I will never forget that day. It was the worst of my life. It was November 19th, in the Virchow Clinic, deep in the district of Wedding in West Berlin. My prematurely born son Max lay motionless in a neonatal crib. His only movements were grimaces of discomfort caused by an invasive breathing mask that covered his tiny face. It was at that moment that I felt something needed to change.

    10 week premature Mathilda - Scantily Dad Blog
    Mathilda in the neonatal ward. She was a tough cookie right from the get go. – Scantily Dad Blog

    After a really tough first six weeks of parenthood, I felt that I had found my calling, I was born to be a dad. Writing is something that I enjoy and I am quite good at, so I decided to start the “Scantily Dad” blog “. The blog will help people that are going through IVF as well as entertain parents with funny stories and useful tips and lessons that I learn along the way. The goal is for the blog to be the most useful, helpful and entertaining dad blog on the internet and give me the freedom to travel freely between Germany and Ireland.

    Oli and Max - Scantily Dad Blog
    My beautiful Wife Olivia and my son Max. Scantily Dad Blog

    Who is the Scantily Dad blog for?

    This dad blog is for parents, parents to be, couples going through IVF, survivors of IVF, soccer moms, MILF’s, DILF’s, gay couples, straight couples and anyone interested in helpful and funny parenting tips.  

    Scantily Dad - Scantily Dad Blog
    Proud Daddy – Scantily Dad Blog


    What do I believe (not what do I want people to think I believe)?

    My Family is the most important thing in the world.

    Every day should be fun.

    I don’t like to take myself seriously.

    I don’t worry about things that are out of my control.

    Being positive is a choice.

    Failure is good as you always learn something about yourself.

    Everyone should be treated equally.

    Reading and writing are great therapy.

    Exercising every day is important.

    Scantily Dad Blog
    Baby Angel. Max and Mathilda on their second day at home

    The scantily Dad mission statement:

    To be as helpful and entertaining as humanly possible. Scantily Dad is here to help parents that are going through the hardship of IVF. When not writing about serious topics like IVF and infertility, this dad blog aims to entertain through helpful twin tips, funny fatherhood fables and parenting advice from a clueless dad.

    Small heads and big pacifiers - Scantily Dad Blog
    What the hell have I got myself in for?? The soothers are also bigger than their heads – Scantily Dad Blog

    Ground Rules at Scantily Dad Towers

    If you are easily offended or take yourself too seriously then this site is not for you. I write about serious stuff like IVF and infertility, but most of what I write about is fun and should be taken with a pinch of salt.

    Max laughing - Scantily Dad Blog
    HAHA Dad! You are funny! -Scantily Dad Blog

    What do the scantily dad subscribers say?

    The Scantily Dad blog was founded in February 2017, and in a short time has gathered a star-studded list of subscribers and what can only be described as “brand evangelists”

    This is the Pitts-Scantily Dad Blog
    Scantily Dad Blog

    “I’ve been a father for many years now, and I assumed that I knew a thing or two about fatherhood. That was until I became aware of the scantily dad blog. It’s the number one online source for everything about fatherhood”

    Brad Pitt- Father, actor, producer and philanthropist

    Scantily Dad Blog - The Beckhams
    The Beckhams -Scantily Dad Blog

    “***** FIVE STARS. If you read one dad blog this year then make sure that is scantily dad. Both Victoria and I think that this is the best dad blog on the internet.”

    -David Beckham – Former Footballer and international superstar and father of four.

    Scantily Barack - Scantily Dad Blog
    Barrack is a big fan of the dad blog! Scantily Dad Blog

    “As you can imagine, stepping down as the most powerful man on the planet left me with a lot of time to fill. Thank God, it coincided with the launch of Scantily Dad. Now, by reading the scantily dad blog, I can fill my time productively and become a better father at the same time”

    Barack Obama- Former president of the Unite States and leader of the free world

    Scantily Donald - Scantily Dad Blog
    Donald Trump loves my dad blog more than he loves the KKK.

    “As you can imagine, becoming the most powerful man on the planet means that my time is precious. If I am not building walls, belittling women or plotting with Vlad, then I am usually reading scantily dad. I never, and I mean never take my morning dump without reading what is going on over at scantily dad towers. I don’t know if it’s just me, but their hilarious content has a pleasant laxative effect and makes that Trump dump a little easier.”

    Donald Trump – Leader of the free World.

    Beyonce and Scantily Dad - Scantily Dad Blog
    Beyonce had seen my photoshoot and copied it. They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. – Scantily Dad Blog

    “Scantily Dad made having twins cool before I made having twins cool. Jay-Z is under my thumb and has the exact same opinion”

    Beyoncé Knowles – Singer, dancer and superstar

    Mashed - Scantily Dad Blog
    Mashable Potatoes! Scantily Dad Blog

    “The most cutting edge, insightful and entertaining Dad blog that you should read in 2017”

    -Mashable- a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company


    Scantily Dad Blog
    Feeding Time – Scantily Dad Blog

    What do I love?

    I love my children

    I love my Wife

    I love my family in Ireland

    I love learning and trying new things

    I love good food

    I love reading and writing

    I love good music

    I love good wine

    I love playing and watching football

    I love Ireland and it’s Guinness

    I love being European

    I love meditating

    I love watching MMA


    Dad and twins - Scantily Dad Blog
    What are you doing Dad?


    What do I dislike?


    Liverpool Football Club

    Closed Mindedness

    Negative People

    Not being prepared

    Scantily Dad Blog
    Daddy and twins sleeping.


    Weird stuff about me?

    Double Dad - Scantily Dad Blog
    I’m talking to the man in the mirror

    I have an abnormally large head. My nickname in school was mallet head or “Mal”.

    I tend to eat massive portions of food and struggle to lose weight on my belly as a result

    I get in a bad mood if I do not exercise at lease once per day.

    I have short teeth.

    I fear public speaking but that is slowly disappearing through practice.

    I have a recurring nightmare and subsequent fear of grizzly bears.

    I play the guitar but can be a bit shy to play in front of people. The same goes for singing.

    I love Christmas more than anyone I know.

    Most of my dreams happen at a party.

    I am good at accents but only really do them in front of my wife.

    I get weird spots on my thighs when I drink beer.

    Sometimes, the theme tune from the 80’s cartoon He-man pop’s into my head when I am trying to get something done quickly.

    I love the convenience of hair and body wash in one.

    Sometimes, when I am hungover and I am on a train, I worry that the train will stop and get stuck for a long period of time, and I will need to go for a piss, and potentially piss in my pants. This also happens to me on planes when the fasten seat belt sign comes on. This is usually exacerbated by too much coffee.

    Scantily Dad Blog
    Twin Trophies – Scantily Dad Blog

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    I am James Doherty. AKA Scantily Dad. I have survived three IVF treatments with my beautiful wife Olivia and am now the proud father of twins Max and Mathilda. My blog www.scantilydad.com is the most informative, cutting edge and insightful website on the internet. Due to high demand from the twins I might take a while in responding but feel free to get in touch.


    1. Congratultions on your gorgeous blessings! I feel incredibly lucky to have a son and a daughter and you have both at the same time. 🙂 Sorry about your struggles! I have just read your post about ‘IVF from a man’s perspective’. It must have been terrifying to finally have your babies and for them to be so poorly!


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