6 Amazing Benefits of Playing Music for Babies


What are the beneifts of playing music for your baby? If you and your other half have done any kind of research into childhood development, you’ll have certainly come across the idea that music can give your child a head start. Playing music for your baby, even when they’re still in the womb, may encourage your child to become a precocious early-years Einstein. But is it true?

Putting aside for one moment the idea that listening to classical music is a guaranteed way for your baby to become a genius, playing music for your baby is actually useful for a whole range of reasons. To give you a little insight into how you can use music to make child-rearing a little easier, this post brings together six of the top reasons why music benefits parents and little ones alike. Read on if you’d like to know more!


1 Music does actually give babies in the womb a head start – Benefits of Playing Music for Babies

Benefits of Playing Music for Babies
Music give babies in the womb a head start. Benefits of Playing Music for Babies

You may have heard that playing music for unborn babies can help their development, and it’s true. It doesn’t have to be classical music, that’s a common misconception- listening to classical music doesn’t make you smart, the same as having to wear glasses doesn’t make you smart. But listening to any kind of music can have a positive effect on an unborn baby.

Since cognitive development in babies and toddlers is so important, there has actually been quite a lot of research done into the effect that music can have on unborn babies. These studies show that if foetuses are exposed to at least a few dozen hours of music before birth, they are more advanced than control groups after six months in terms of cognitive and linguistic development.


Not only that, but letting babies listen to music regularly will develop their emotional intelligence and memory too. So it’s not just for cognitive development, but for their all-round development too. It’s unbelievable how much music can actually do to help your baby get a head start!


2 Music can help you bond with your baby once they’re born – Benefits of Playing Music for Babies


Benefits of Playing Music for Babies
Music Helps You Bond With Your Baby! Benefits of Playing Music for Babies

There’s no better time to begin bonding with your child than when they’re  a baby! But for some people, especially if you’ve never had any nieces and nephews, never mind your own baby, you might not know quite how. Don’t worry, because you’re absolutely not alone. And the good news is that music can actually help you bond with your new baby.

It doesn’t matter exactly what you listen to- although it should be age appropriate, obviously! From a very young age, babies can develop a taste in music, and it’s great for them to hear a wide range of different kinds of music to find what they like. But I digress. Put on whatever music you like, and play and dance with your baby… They’ll love it, and you just might too.  


3 Learning lyrics, learning words – Benefits of Playing Music for Babies

Benefits of Playing Music for Babies
Learning Music, Learning Words. Benefits of Playing Music for Babies


One of the central benefits of listening to music with your baby is that it encourages them to make noise and to learn to talk. Study after study has shown that this works in two ways: first, music with lyrics introduces babies to new words which they may not understand yet, but which can still help your baby’s cognitive development.

Second, the rhythmic nature of music can aid communication development more generally. So, for example, babies who either make music or play and dance along to it begin to use communicative gestures earlier than their peers who don’t. This developmental benefit will make learning to talk much easier for your baby- and teach them to talk much easier for you.


4 Develop creativity without making a mess – Benefits of Playing Music for Babies

Benefits of Playing Music for Babies
Develop creativity without creating a mess. Benefits of Playing Music for Babies


Developing your baby’s creativity from an early age is only a good thing. But many parents are understandably put off by regular creative play because ‘creativity’ brings to mind finger paints and crayon doodles etched on the wall. The creative part is fun, but the tidying-up and trying to figure out how to get paint out of the carpet part is nobody’s idea of a good time.

Playing music with your baby helps them develop their creativity without making a mess. Simply by playing music on the radio and singing along, you encourage your baby to sing too. And if you have any instruments, they can play along. That way, you’ll make hardly any mess while still encouraging your baby to be creative.


5 Use music to calm and prevent tantrums and crying fits – Benefits of Playing Music for Babies 

Benefits of Playing Music for Babies
Music Prevents Tantrums and Crying Attacks –
Benefits of Playing Music for Babies


For babies, music isn’t just entertaining. It’s also a great way of calming down a tantrum or a crying fit. Of course, thrash metal wouldn’t be a great choice… Think classical music, calm music, and quiet music instead. When baby starts to get grumpy for whatever reason, music is a useful tool since it distracts your little one from whatever the problem was.

Another good thing about music in scenarios like these is that it can prevent them from occurring in the first place. So if your baby is stressed or upset because of teething or colic, treat them to some calm music as the day goes on to keep them calm.


6 Music can help babies drift off at bedtime – Benefits of Playing Music for Babies 

Benefits of Playing Music for Babies
Music Helps Babies Sleep. Benefits of Playing Music for Babies


Your baby won’t be the first, nor will it be the last to struggle to get to sleep when they’re supposed too. So anything that helps your baby get some sleep is going to be a good thing, right? Well, one of the many benefits of playing music for your baby is that it helps them sleep. And if you think about it, it’s just common sense- adults listen to music to calm down, too!


So if your baby is struggling to get to sleep at night, try playing calming music starting from the hour or so before they have to get to sleep. This will help your baby relax, calm down after a long day of learning and get to sleep quicker. Not to mention, it will destress your evening! What more could you possibly want than a sleepy baby and some quality time with the other half?


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