Baby Fighting Sleep? 6 Tips for creating an peaceful Bedtime Routine

Is your baby fighting sleep? Here are some tips to help your baby get some rest. Your baby is a blessing that requires your full and proper attention. Whether it’s feeding or sleeping habits, you need to create a routine for the sake of your baby’s health. Unfortunately, a lot of mothers find this task to be very challenging, and they end up developing improper routines for their babies.

A very good example of an improper routine is a baby that sleeps for most of the day and ends up crying during the wee hours of the night. This does not only affect the baby’s health but it also disturbs all the other members of the household.Such problem is the result of not creating a proper routine for your baby. 


Baby Fighting Sleep?
Baby Fighting Sleep? A routine will help

Here are 4 advantages of a proper routine for your baby:

1.It Improves Your Baby’s Health -Baby Fighting Sleep?

It is healthy for adults to be sleeping at night and active during the day – the same rule applies to babies. A baby sleeping at night and enjoying activities at day would be healthier and more active. Additionally, a healthy lifestyle can also help boost a child’s immunity, preventing the baby from getting sick too often.

2.Gives Parents Chance to Rest -Baby Fighting Sleep?

Parenting is one of the life’s most difficult tasks. Parents give 24 hours of attention to their baby. Preparing meals, nappies and making sure that he/she gets enough sleep makes parents exhausted. With less time for rest and mental relaxation, stress can cause you to fall ill. Developing a proper sleeping routine for your baby will give you more time for rest and relaxation.

3.Quicker Time To Fall Asleep – Baby Fighting Sleep?

A properly developed sleeping routine allows your baby to fall asleep quickly. As he/she gets used to the new routine, his/her body will anticipate that it is time to fall asleep Once his/her body realizes that it is time for bed, your baby will be able to fall asleep in no time. This will save you from exerting extra effort in putting your baby to bed.

4.Helpful In The Long Run – Baby Fighting Sleep?

If your baby is following a proper sleeping routine, he will most likely follow the same routine even by the time he reaches the right age to attend school. When your child starts going to school, he/she will need an ample amount of physical and mental rest, which comes with a set routine. Properly following the routine will give your child energy and help them to study better.


Baby Fighting Sleep?
Baby Fighting Sleep? Not for long with these tips.

Baby Fighting Sleep? How can you change the routine? 

After going through certain benefits of developing your baby’s sleep routine, it is undeniable that it will be very beneficial for both you and your baby. But the question is, how can you develop a good routine for your baby?

Changing your babies bedtime routine is difficult but it’s worth it. Frankly speaking, changing your baby’s routine is not an easy task, but hopefully, these simple tips could help you in your journey:

1.Baby Fighting Sleep? Add in fun daily activities 

In order to develop your baby’s sleeping routine, it might be beneficial to tire him/her out physically with fun activities. When your baby gets tired, he may start to feel hungry too. This is your chance to feed your baby his meal and after which, he would most likely want to take a nap.

The first tip would be to add more activities to his daily schedule. You may want to choose activities that are both fun and educational, allowing him to also develop some skills at the same time while you secretly prep him for sleep.

2.Baby Fighting Sleep? Avoid sleeping during the day

One of the most important steps in changing a routine is to prevent your baby from falling asleep during the day. When your baby sleeps during the day, he/she may not be able to sleep at night.

This might be a challenging step for you as your baby might get stubborn. However, achieving this tip will enable your baby to fall asleep faster at night. Your baby will quickly adapt to the new routine

3.Baby Fighting Sleep? Improve his sleeping environment at night.

Most parents have the tendency to play with their baby at night since it is most likely the time when both parents are at home. Doing so may cause the baby to develop a habit of sleeping late at night. In order to put your baby to sleep faster, both parents should start making a peaceful sleeping environment for their baby. Simply turning off the light and tapping his back are already good ways to start improving his sleeping environment.

4.Baby Fighting Sleep? Bath him/her at night time

Another tip would be put your baby in a tub of warm water for few minutes while rubbing his back gently. This will help your baby feel more relaxed. Alternatively, he might get excited but don’t worry, this is actually a good thing. While playing in the tub, he is also wasting away his energy and will get tired eventually. When he is done playing, that is your chance to finally take him to bed.

5.Baby Fighting Sleep? Talk or read to him/her at night

Bedtime is the best time for both parent and child to bond. Talk to him, sing a song or read him/her a fairy tale. Give him/her little hugs and kisses. This will help your baby relax, making it a lot easier to put him to sleep. The more you communicate with your baby during bedtime, the higher the chance of him/her fall asleep faster.

6.Baby Fighting Sleep? Stop the noise at night time

If you are determined to change your baby’s sleep routine, one important thing to keep in mind is to minimize all noise as much as possible while he is asleep. Talking softly while you are in your baby’s presence is already a great start. Make a peaceful environment at night and this will make your baby feel relaxed. Sometimes all it takes is a change of environment to improve your baby’s sleeping routine.


Baby Fighting Sleep?
Baby Fighting Sleep? If you have followed these tips then that should be a thing of the past


It is evident that in order for a baby to be more active and healthy, it is important that he should follow a proper sleep routine. This does not only benefit the baby but the parents can reap the rewards too. Following the right bedtime routine for your baby will help them fall asleep

Your baby should remain busy in fun and educational activities throughout the day. This will leave your baby tired and ready for sleep during the correct hours of the night. Parents must also try to develop a more peaceful environment for their baby to fall asleep with ease.


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