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The definitive guide to infertility blogs.

Infertility may be the hardest thing that you will ever do. Reading a good infertility blog should help to make your IVF/infertility easier. My wife and I suffered through three IVF treatments and we felt lost. We did not know what we were doing and assumed that IVF would work easily the first time. Two years and three IVF treatments later, we learned the hard way just how difficult IVF actually is. With each treatment, we learned more about ourselves and the IVF process. It is easy to be overwhelmed when going through IVF treatment and feel that nobody understands you.

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To make your journey easier I have compiled a list of the best IVF blog/infertility blogs that helped my wife and I, through the most difficult time of our lives. These blogs may not have been the reason that we had successful IVF treatment but they definitely helped educate us on our journey. The list of Infertility blogs is in no particular order.

IVF Blog
IVF Blog

Bubbles and Bumps – Infertility Blog

These two girls are amazing. I have never met them but I feel that I know them from their blog. Simone and Camella are best friends that live in LA. They share their story of infertility, pregnancy, and parenting. An IVF blog can be a very serious type of blog as the subject is so touchy. Cam and Simone do a great job of inserting fun and humour into a very serious subject. If you are going through IVF treatment then this blog is a must read.

My Favourite Posts:

Medical Humour

3 Simple Ways To Improve Sperm Quality

The Infertility Journey – Infertility Blog

The man, the myth, the legend-Dr. Jain. What a guy! Is there anything that he cannot do? A fertility expert that creates life at the Chicago IVF by day and then writes about it by night. His Infertility blog is very current and up to date. It explains IVF and infertility in great detail. His book the infertility journey helped me through my IVF journey. What makes the book even better is the fact that all the profits go back into Infertility research. Get the book and read the blog!

My Favourite Posts:

Obesity and Infertility

Quit Smoking

No Bun in the Oven and now Rasing little Bun – Infertility Blog and Baby Blog

Raising Little Bun
Raising Little Bun

A blog about life….love….and the struggle to conceive.

Follow Mummy and Daddy Bun on their journey from infertility through pregnancy and on to having a baby. It is always so heartwarming to see other Infertility blogs that become IVF success stories. I have followed a few IVF blogs that have started out but given up after several failed IVF procedures. Thankfully, No Bun in the Oven became Raising Little Bun. Follow the story about pregnancy and having a baby at

My Favourite Posts:

The IVF Journey Begins

2 Week Wait. What not to do

In Due Time – Infertility Blog

In Due Time
In Due Time

In due time is a wonderful blog from a very positive, beautiful and faithful woman. Follow Caroline’s path through the struggles of infertility. Her mission has been ongoing for 4 years and many people will be able to relate to the issues that she is having. They are still on their path to pregnancy and they have not reached their destination yet. Her positivity is a joy to behold.

Here is a beautiful excerpt from her blog;

“But the longer we wait, the larger we become, and the more joyful our expectancy.”  You better believe that joy is increasing in us each day in anticipation of the day we receive our breakthrough.

My Favourite Posts:

A Letter to a mom that didn’t have to wait

What men want you to know about infertility

ICSI lab
The ICSI procedure

Dreaming of Diapers – Infertility Blog

A Great infertility blog about a fertility journey that took a very long time. The dreaming of diapers story is one of hope for anyone that is struggling with infertility. This infertility blog is an IVF success story that really resonates for any couple dealing with the tribulations of infertility. Her view is so considerate and thoughtful. Even though she now has a child she does not post pictures of the child on her site. She understands that when struggling with infertility it can be really difficult to see children. The blog is beautifully written and she speaks openly and honestly about her journey.

My Favourite Posts:

An Open Letter to my Infertility

Nothing is harder

Peanut Mom – Infertility Blog

Peanut Mom Infertility Blog
The best Infertility Blog 2017

Lydia’s infertility blog is hilarious. She writes in detail about her infertility and how she dealt with. She does something that is very difficult, makes people laugh about such a complicated subject. IVF is not funny. Lydia finds humour in the mess that accompanies infertility. Thankfully, Lydia has beaten infertility and become and IVF success story. This infertility blog progresses from the battle that is IVF into a rant about all things parenting. A must read for infertile couples and parents too.

My Favourite Posts:

His Balls in a Jar

Clinging to hope

Twin Mummy and Daddy and DIY Daddy – Infertility Blog

Infertility Blog
Infertility Blog

These are two separate blogs but as they are a couple I will put them under the one listing. Emily and Nige are the multi-award-winning blogging superheroes that make up Twin Mummy and Daddy. I don’t know if it is just me but I find them so relatable. This probably due to the similarity in our journeys through infertility and then having twins. If I lived in Wales I reckon that we would be friends. If the quality of their content is not enough to go by then their list of accolades is proof of just how good this blog is.

My Favourite Posts:

Twin Dads View on IVF

The Power of Thinking Positive

The Write Mama – Infertility Blog

IVF Blog
The Best Infertility Blog 2017

Lori is a really good writer that shares her captivating story of infertility and then motherhood. Another IVF success story that will inspire those that are going through IVF treatment. My wife and I share a similar story with Lori. We lived in Vancouver, dealt with infertility, got pregnant and had premature babies. Follow the write Mama for a well informed, beautifully written and interesting infertility blog.

My Favourite Posts:

IVF Funding Matters

Fathers Infertility

There are thousands of infertility blogs out there on the interwebs and they are not all created equal. These are the blogs that I have discovered and helped me on my fertility journey. One tip that I have for you to help you to have a successful IVF treatment is to learn as much as you can. Through these bloggers, you will gain a wealth of information from people that know what you are going through. Take their advice and hopefully, you too can become an IVF success story.

Do you know of any other Infertility blogs that should have made the list? Let me know and I would be happy to review the post.

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