Neonatal Intensive Care Nurses are real life superheroes. There are undervalued, underpaid and they do the most important job in the World. It is not until you meet one of these super humans that you realise what is important in life. They spend every day saving tiny babies lives. It is not until they save your child’s life that you understand just how vital they are for the survival of our race. Modern medicine is a wonder and equipped with an array of state of the art technology NICU nurses spend their days protecting the most fragile lives.

Here are the reasons NICU nurses are real life super heroes:

1.NICU nurses are the most caring people on earth

There are not many people more caring than NICU nurses. They spend their time working unsociable hours to protect the delicate lives of newborns. A lot of their time is spent with the neediest of patients, premature babies, that need constant monitoring. The level of care that they give to preemies is a second to none and deserves recognition.

2.NICU nurses are super friendly

NICU nurses deal with a conveyor belt of babies and parents. Some babies, although just born, are close to death. Despite the daily trauma they deal with, they still remain friendly. When my twins were in the NICU I was embraced warmly every day by the amazing nurses that saved my children’s lives.

3.NICU nurses are great communicators

NICU nurses have to cope with delivering very bad news. To excel in this position, NICU nurses are truly great communicators. They are great listeners, speakers, and teachers. NICU nurses are like coaches for parents. They teach us how to look after our newborns and give them the best possible start to life.

4.NICU nurses handle stress better than anyone

Coping with birth and sometimes sick children means that NICU nurses have to learn to handle stress on a very high level. Dealing with preemies and delivering devastating news to parents is part of their day. This ability to cope with stress means that these caring, friendly, conversationalists, are as resilient as they come.

Saving the lives of our future is all in a days work for a NICU nurse. Myself, my wife and many other parents are forever indebted to the neonatal nurses around the World. They have the most important job and the planet. It’s with a smile and gentle demeanor that they work hard for our babies. This is why NICU nurses are real life superheroes.

Can you think of any other reasons that NICU nurses are real life super heroes? Let me know in the comments below.


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