Flying with Baby hack – Ok, I’m not going to lie, the prospect of flying with twins scared the living bejeesus out of me. In the weeks and leading up to our first flight back to Ireland, I was worried sick, and I was losing sleep. My nightmares involved Max freaking out, puking and crying the plane down. Thankfully, much to my surprise, my premonition went unfounded. He was very well behaved on both the flight there and the flight back. He only puked on me a little, which is rare. Mathilda, on the other hand, cried taking off, but all in all, she was pretty well behaved. Here are 19 hacks that I have learned that will make your first flight with twins easier.

1Book your flights long in advance.

Flying with baby hacks 1 – Book Your Flights Well in advance

This is the case for all travel, but once you know that you are flying, you should book the flights immediately. This will save you money and there will be one less thing on your ever-growing to-do list. There are also charges that you may not be aware of. See my next point.

2Children do not travel free

Flying with baby hacks 2- You have to pay €20 per child each way

I assumed that children travel for free. That is not the case with most European airlines. There is nominal insurance charge that is mandatory. Double check with the airline as this may not be the case with all routes. We paid €20 per child each way.

3Book Priority boarding

Flying with baby hacks 2- Book Priority Boarding, you don’t want to have to deal with queues like this.

It is only €5ish per person and it will make your life easier. The ability to get to your seat with ease will give you peace of mind and help you relax before the flight. An added bonus is the seating available in the priority part of the departure lounge.

4Leave lots of time before your flight

Flying with baby hacks – Get to the airport nice and early

You know how it goes with babies, especially twins, there is alway some hiccup along the way that will take up a lot of time. Getting to the airport early will help you to avoid the stress of potential delays. The less stress the better.

5Pack your bags two days before

Flying with baby hacks – Pack well in advance.

Don’t do what we did and still be packing right before you leave the house. Write a list, check it twice. Pack all of your clothes and the kid’s clothes two days in advance. This will leave your mind clear in the 24 hours that lead up to the flight.

6Less is more

Flying with baby hacks – Don’t pack too much

Bring the bare minimum. Too much baggage adds to the complication of getting on and off the plane with the babies. Avoid this by bringing less. Pack the baby bag as normal but cut back on what you bring. Try to bring just one carry-on bag.

7Don’t forget your passports

Flying with baby hacks –
Don’t forget your passport!

This goes without saying, but make sure to book your babies passports several months in advance. We had an appointment to get our passports that we forgot about. Thankfully, a week before we were due to fly we managed to get an appointment to get the baby passports.

8Use The Manduca

Flying with baby hacks – Use the Manduca

The Manduca baby carrier was a life saver for me on my first solo flight. There are multiple benefits of carrying your baby on your body that make travelling that much easier. Firstly, your hands are free which makes life that much easier. Free hands mean your passports, bottles, boarding cards etc., are much more accessible. The closeness and body contact usually means that your baby sleeps within minutes of being inside the carrier. A sleeping baby is a baby that you want to travel with.

9Feed(and burp) the babies before you get on the plane

Flying with baby hacks – Feed the babies before you get on the flight.

This seems obvious, but make sure that they are fed before you get on the plane. Feed them in the airport. This is another reason that you should get there early. Once you have fed them make sure to burp them. If you are lucky, your full baby will fall asleep on the plane.

10Change them before you get on the plane 

Flying with baby hacks – Change them before you get on the plane

Another point that seems blatantly obvious. After you have fed your baby, change their stinky nappy. It is much easier to do this on the ground than in the confines of an aeroplane’s lavatory.

11Have a bottle and soother ready for taking off and landing.

Have a bottle and soother ready for taking off.

Remember the days when air hostesses would hand out sweets before you took off. The reason is that the sucking action helps your ears to pop when the air pressure in the cabin increases. The action of sucking a soother or bottle will help your babies ears to pop. Make sure that when you get on the plane that you have a bottle and soother at hand.

12Have muslin towels handy

Flying with Baby Hacks- Bring lots of towels.

Your baby will omit liquids from every orifice. Having a towel on your lap and in your hand will make cleaning up all that much easier.

13You cannot sit together with twins

Flying with baby hacks – You cannot sit together with twins. As you can see above babies can only sit in the green window seats

Unfortunately, with twins, you cannot sit together. There are only 4 oxygen masks per row of three seats. If you are travelling with parents and twins, another passenger, then there are 5 passengers in a row.

14Bring a change of clothes for them 

Flying with Baby Hacks – Bring a change of clothes for them

The probability of your baby pissing through/doing a poonami are high. Have a change of clothes to make cleaning up the potential mess easier.

15Bring a change of clothes for you 

Flying with Baby Hacks – Bring a change of clothes for you

If the above happens then you might get pooed or pissed on. If this is the case then a spare change of clothes will come in very handy.

16Bring plenty of nappies

Flying with Baby Hacks – Bring loads of nappies

What if the plane is delayed and you do not have enough? I dread to think what you would do. A couple of extra nappies takes up no space and could be the difference between a dry and wet flight.

17Ask for help 

There will be people sitting beside you. Should you need it, ask them for help. On my first flight, I had the most accommodating neighbouring passengers that helped me fill bottles and hand me anything that I needed. The staff on the plane are also very helpful. We flew with Aer Lingus and I cannot compliment them enough on how helpful they were.

18Don’t be embarrassed by playing silly games

If playing stupid games entertains your child then you need to do it. An entertained baby is a happy baby. A happy baby does not cry. Do not care what people say or think. Being silly and entertaining your child is a lot easier than coping with screaming child.

19Book evening flights

Evening flights are the business. Your baby will be asleep at this time anyway so why not travel when they are asleep.

The key to successful flight is avoiding stress and being as prepared as possible. If you are stress-free then your child will pick up your energy and be relaxed. If you are stressed out and rushing, your baby will pick up on this and potentially cry. Do everything in your power to make your flight as comfortable as possible, for you and the other passengers.

Do you have experience travelling with babies? I would love to hear your input and anything that I have left out in the comments below.

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  1. Great tips! I didn’t fly with my boys until the oldest was 3 but sending this to my sister who is expecting soon and travels far more than I do…

  2. #wanderlustkids – flying with one baby is a challenge enough, well done for doing it with two and making it look like a breeze 🙂 second the spare clothes and muslins whenever travelling

    • Yeah, it is tough. We did once together with twins. The second time I did it on my own. What an experience! Love your blog. Would you like to guest post for me? Cheers, James

  3. They’re all brilliant tips. And I’ve learned something new too. I never knew you couldn’t sit together with twins in a row of 3 seats due to the number of available oxygen masks. You learn something new everyday. Thanks for linking up to #wanderlustkids


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