13 Tips for Baby Feeding!

How to feed your baby for the first time.

You have reached the point where your baby is ready to start eating solids. Your first-time baby feeding usually comes between the fourth and the sixth month. Your baby may have started to grow some teeth and may be trying to grab food from your plate. Feeding your baby can be a nerve wrecking experience but it does not have to be. Here are 13 baby feeding tips to help you with feeding your baby for the first time.


Baby Feeding Tips
Baby Feeding Tips. Washing the food down with a bottle.

Be Patient – Tips for Baby Feeding

When you have a baby patience is key. You need to understand that your baby is learning a new skill that can take time to perfect. As with anything in life, the first time you do it will not be perfect. It will be messy, a lot of food will fall out of your babies mouth and you may get frustrated. Soft Spoons are perfect for the first baby feeding and the next 6 months. Allow yourself time to get used to putting food in your babies mouth and for them to learn how to chew and swallow it. Realise that it may take a couple of weeks before you and your baby have got the hang of feeding time.

Preparation is key – Tips for Baby Feeding

There are two options when it comes to preparing food for your baby. You can buy ready made jars or you can make it yourself. I find a combination of homemade and pre-made food the best way. In the first 6-8 months, your baby will eat 2 meals per day and 2-3 bottles or breast milk. For lunch, a combination of vegetables and fruits work well. E.G Potato, carrot and apple. For the evening meals, you should always have baby porridge, semolina or something similar. You can be mixed it with jars of apple(or other fruit)puree or fresh fruit. You make your babies evening meals in under 5 minutes.

Block book time to make the food – Tips for Baby Feeding

Making baby food can be time-consuming especially if you do it every day. If you want to prepare food for the week then set time aside on Saturday or Sunday to prepare your babies meals for the next 7 days. Go shopping on Saturday and stock up on carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes and pumpkin/squash. It will take about 30 minutes of work to prep the food for your baby. 5 minutes to peel, 15 minutes to boil, 5 minutes to puree and 5 minutes to put into containers. Block booking time and doing it one go is the most effective way of making food for your baby.

Get a good steamer and food processor – Tips for Baby Feeding

If you have time and are happy to make smaller batches then get the Phillips Avent Combined  Steamer and Blender. This is a must have for any parents and made it onto my list of the top 47 baby must-haves. You simply peel your vegetables and or meat throw them in the steamer. The next step is to fill the water to coincide with the time you want to steam the vegetables for. For most vegetables, it takes about 15 minutes. Then when the timer beeps you simply turn the steamer around and it becomes a blender. Add a little rapeseed or canola oil and then blend. The process is very simple and there is little washing up to do after.

Get a good stool and tray – Tips for Baby Feeding

Feeding your baby while they sit on your lap can be a challenge. The best way to feed your baby is in a high chair. With a good high chair, your baby can sit at the table with you and your family. Babies love this. They love to be involved with what adults are doing and will learn a lot from sitting and eating with you at the table. The high chair that I would recommend is the Stokke Trip Trap. You can also buy an extra Stokke trip trap tray that attaches to the high chair. This will help to collect a lot of the mess that your baby will emit.

Put newspaper on the ground – Tips for Baby Feeding

When you start feeding your babies and especially when your baby starts holding their own food you need protection. Your baby will be wild and throw and spit food all over the place. They are slowly learning table manners but this will take several years. In the meantime, they will be a total mess and much of what you feed them will end up on the floor. To make your job easier put old newspapers on the floor and it will make your clean up a lot easier.

Wear old clothes – Tips for Baby Feeding

When you are feeding your baby there is a guaranteed mess. No matter what you do, food will end up on everything within five meters of your baby feeding station. This includes all over you.Get some old clothes or at least an old top for feeding time. Doing this will save you from destroying your good clothes and reduce the amount of washing you have to do.

Have a damp cloth ready – Tips for Baby Feeding

This seems obvious but it will make your clean up easier. Always have an old damp cloth at the ready when you feed your baby. When you feed your baby, they will be excited and jump all over the place. 30% of what you try to feed them will end up on their face. A damp cloth at the ready with warm water will make cleaning your baby much easier.

Get a good bib and don’t be afraid to double bib – Tips for Baby Feeding

30% of your baby’s food will end up on their face. 30% will end up on their body. If you do not live in a warm climate, then invest in a good full upper body over the heady bib. A good bib will make the clean-up less time-consuming. Over the bib, I would recommend that you get the baby bin as I like to call it. It is the Tommee Tippee Bib. This has a pouch that collects any food that falls out of your babies mouth.

Have a routine – Tips for Baby Feeding

Humans are creatures of routine. It is important to set meal times and prep times. Try to set meal times for a similar time each day. With our twins, we feed them for lunch at about 12.30 and dinner at about 7.30. This does not have to be always exact but a rough mealtime makes sense. It also means that parents can plan their day around meal times.

Your baby may just like food from the jar – Tips for Baby Feeding

We have twins and they could not be more different. Our son Max eats everything. He has never turned down any food that we have offered him. Our daughter Mathilda, on the other hand, can be quite picky. She prefers food from a jar then prepared food. This can be the case for babies and there is not much you can do. If you do buy food from the jar then make sure that is organic and has no preservatives, additives and added sugar.

Get a good book – Tips for Baby Feeding

A good cookbook will make feeding your baby more convenient. You can, of course, use the internet or an app but I find a book more convenient. It takes less time to quickly sift through a kids cookbook and find recipes. We use a German book called Kochen für babies. There are plenty of baby cookbooks available in English that you can find here.

Enjoy it – Tips for Baby Feeding

Food is a very important part of the experience of being human. Food should be a celebrated like it is in the Mediterranean. Teaching your child, the importance of food and mealtimes will make them appreciate the ritual of mealtime as they grow older. You should not look at it as a chore but an opportunity for you to educate your child in being grateful for the food that they are given. There are a lot of hungry children in the World and I assume if you are one of them

Baby feeding can be difficult but it does not have to be. Follow these tips and your life will be easier. It is up to you to make baby feeding as fun and educational as possible for your baby. You will learn a lot about your baby when you start feeding them and it can be a great experience with the right mindset. I hope that this post was helpful for you.

If you have any other tips then please let me know in the comments below.


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