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19 Flying with Baby Hacks

Flying with Baby hack - Ok, I'm not going to lie, the prospect of flying with twins scared the living bejeesus out of me. In the weeks and leading up to our first flight back to Ireland, I was worried sick, and I was losing sleep. My nightmares involved Max freaking out, puking and crying the plane down. Thankfully,...

Happy Fathers Day – A Special Thanks to Ellie Ellie for featuring me.

Scantily Dad & Twins
This is a feature on Ellie Ellie that can be seen in full here. https://www.ellieellie.co.uk/fathers-day-dadvice-from-our-favourite-dad-bloggers/ Our favourite Insta-dads offer their #Dadvice this Father’s Day June 16, 2017 - Posted in What's New In celebration of Father’s Day, we spoke to some dads who also happen to be bloggers (and also happen to be funny), about the ups and downs of fatherhood. Here they offer some...

7 reasons that my Dad is a Super Dad.

Super Dad
For Fathers Day, I decided to write a blog post about why my Dad is a super Dad. My father is an amazing man and a great role model. As my brother said in his wedding speech "whenever I have a decision to make, I ask myself, what would my dad do, the answer is usually the right thing to...

The Fertility Podcast – Male Episodes

Podcast Fertility
Click here to listen to the SCANTILY DAD interview for the Fertility Podcast: Gents, fancy having a listen to some chats about your fertility? Probably not, is your first reply, but what if I told you they were from other guys like you who were given the blow that they might not be able to make a baby - the...

Meditation beginners guide: Five easy steps

a beginners guide to Meditation
Meditation beginners guide: Five easy steps Meditation gives you a deep insight of yourself and helps in the flourishing of your innate faculties. The regular practice of meditation tune our lives to be more rational, as meditation enables us to let go off all the drama and give space to peace. In today's world, it is impossible to avoid falling...

Our TV debut on TV3

Scantily Dad TVvideo
I would like to thank Ireland AM and their crew for making us feel at home in their studios yesterday. It was a fantastic experience and Max, Mathilda and Olivia were all hits. We could have stayed chatting all day.

‘It was a shot at my manhood, my confidence was knocked’ – Irish father of twins speaks candidly about fertility battle

Irish independent Fertility
Below is my story as featured on the fron page of the Irish Independent today: http://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/health-features/it-was-a-shot-at-my-manhood-my-confidence-was-knocked-irish-father-of-twins-speaks-candidly-about-fertility-battle-35789635.html 'It was a shot at my manhood, my confidence was knocked' - Irish father of twins speaks candidly about fertility battle 3James and Olivia Doherty with their twins Max and Mathilda Caitlin McBride June 5 2017 11:04 AM An Irish man has opened up about the devastating impact...