‘It was a shot at my manhood, my confidence was knocked’ – Irish father of twins speaks candidly about fertility battle

Irish independent Fertility
Below is my story as featured on the fron page of the Irish Independent today: http://www.independent.ie/life/health-wellbeing/health-features/it-was-a-shot-at-my-manhood-my-confidence-was-knocked-irish-father-of-twins-speaks-candidly-about-fertility-battle-35789635.html 'It was a shot at my manhood, my confidence was knocked' - Irish father of twins speaks candidly about fertility battle 3James and Olivia Doherty with their twins Max and Mathilda Caitlin McBride June 5 2017 11:04 AM An Irish man has opened up about the devastating impact...

47 Newborn baby Must Haves 2017- (Newborn Essentials)

47 Newborn baby must haves
What a six months it has been. Olivia and I have learned more in the last 6 months than we have in our combined 70 years on this planet. The first half year with twins was fun packed and there was never a dull moment. When you have newborns, especially twins, you need to buy a lot of products to...

When is a baby considered premature?

When is a baby considered premature?
When is a baby considered premature? If you are expecting, then you will probably ask yourself this question, "When is a baby considered premature?" Our babies were born in a critical condition after 30 weeks and are considered to be premature or preemie. A full pregnancy term is around 40 weeks. Any baby that is born after 37 weeks is also...

12 Reasons to buy the Fisher Price Rainforest- Fisher price rainforest gym review

Fisher price rainforest gym review
Fisher-Price Music and Lights Deluxe Gym, Rainforest Review Before I started doing my research for this post, I thought that this was called the fisher price jungle. After delving a little deeper I realised that it is actually called the fisher price rainforest. Regardless of its name, it is one of the most used items in our house for the last six months. We...

The 4 Best Premature Baby Blogs 2017

The best premature baby blogs
After infertility and IVF Treatment having premature babies was the hardest thing that I have had to deal with. We were one of the lucky couples, our twins were after an initial scare are healthy and doing well. When they were born at 30 weeks we were not sure if they would both survive.As they lay in the NICU...

The Bugaboo Donkey Review

Bugaboo Donkey review
The Bugaboo Donkey Review - Quick Overview A very stylish, easy to push, and adjustable stroller. It's the one item that you will use every day and is worth the massive price tag. Is the Bugaboo Too Expensive? Click Here to Learn more about the price. The Bugaboo Donkey Review - in more detail The practical Ferrari of strollers. I know that practical...

5 Easy Ways for rapid weight loss after pregnancy

Rapid weight loss after pregnancy
Five ways for parents to stay in shape: Rapid weight loss after pregnancy. Parenting is not an easy job, indeed it's a full-time job. Trying to find time for rapid weight loss after pregnancy is extremely difficult. It is hard keeping up with career goals and bringing up your children. In the routine of hustle bustle what is ignored is your...

Our Preemie Story – How we coped with having twins at 30 weeks.

Our Preemie Story
Our Preemie Story - Introduction This is our preemie story, it will give parents hope when dealing with a premature baby. The journey to parenthood for myself and Olivia was not an easy one. It was paved with heartache and despair as we battled through infertility and IVF treatment. It was a long and arduous two and half years and when...

The Premature Baby Series

Premature Baby
After dealing with infertility and struggling through three IVF treatments, I thought it would be plain sailing after Olivia got pregnant. Oh boy, was I wrong! After 30 weeks Olivia's water suddenly broke and our, unnamed at the time, twins were going to join us 2 and a half months earlier than expected. In pregnancy terms, that's an eternity. Dealing with premature babies...

My Interview with Gaye Godkin on Ireland AM about Proceive

Ireland Am Interview for Proceivevideo
Proceive Interview on TV3. https://proceive.ie/